Yes, it is possible to eat as much chocolate as you want and lose weight!

Most people who have tried it have lost 7-12 pounds a week and that eating as muh chocolate as they wanted! Crazy, I know.


· Eat as much chocolate as you want!

· But it really should be eaten nothing except chocolate (no salad, no apples – just chocolate!)

· It is important to drink a lot. Calorie-free beverages such as water or Coke Zero, black coffee are allowed.

· The chocolate may not contatin nuts, marzipan, Crisp, nougat or waffles, white chocolate is allowed.


· You lose weight. Almost all who have tried the chocolate diet lost, some (however) only on the 2nd day.

· Finally, you can eat chocolate again without feeling guilty.

· Some lucky ones got tired of chocolate after this diet.

· You don’t have to prepare not elaborate or expensive meals.

· No calorie counting.


· Some people gain a bit on the first day, but that is gone on the 2nd day again.

· The body gets no nutrients, therefore be you may get dizzy or a headache.

· As you can probably imagine, the whole is not really healthy.

· The whole thing should not be longer done than 7 days, otherwise it will slowy be harmful to the body

What is allowed?

All chocolates without solids, fillings or similar:
Nougat, Kinder Chocolate, Caramel, Nutella. Everything melts away and no pieces has.
Even Mars is allowed, chocolate beans, MM, Smarties, for some chocolate pudding.

What is not allowed?

Chocolate with nuts, raisins, waffles, biscuits, crisp, similar.
Peppermint chocolate, Yogurette, Twix, Snickers. Marzipan is controversial. The best is just pure chocolate.


The chocolate diet is based on the principle of the mono diet. The body supplied gets not enough nutrients of chocolate without other food. That is why you lose.

Please keep in mind that it is unhealthy for the body, if you do it long-term and that you should not longer do it than 14 days! After it please eat a lot of vitamins.  Maybe your body has do get used to normal food after it so you may start eating after it like after a fast. For example: Eat yogurt, soup or fresh fruit the beginning. Please don’t do this diet after a long fast!

Yes, if you don’t binge/overeat after this diet you will not gain the diet back and if you retained water on it you will lose it then.

By the way, you can also do mono diets with other foods!