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  1. LOVE that picture!!What inspires me…Sunsets..SUCKER for sunsets…Friends…My big brother…he makes me cry everytime I talk to him because he can speak so much truth to my heart…Music…more than just the lyrics, the overall SOUND…harmonies, instruments, etc.The wind…sometimes I like to sit and watch the trees and listen to the wind and feel it go through me and let it bring peace.

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  2. This is so on the money with something I witnessed recently at a business event. Two guys obviously both vying for a prospective clients attention, were both spewing forth their expertise, each in turn trying to one up each other…honestly I couldn’t believe it, I was half expecting them to break out their rulers and start measuring up. As for the poor guy subjected to this..well he was like a deer in the headlights. Left me shaking my head in disbelief.

  3. Secondo quanto riferisce Udineseblog.it, Francesco Guidolin ha comunicato i nomi dei giocatori dell’Udinese che partiranno per il pre-ritiro fino al 15 luglio e poi per il ritiro di Arta Terme. Nella lista però, gli arrivi di Handanovic (seguito dall’Inter), Armero e Cuadrado (obiettivi del Napoli), sono previsti in ritardo, quindi posticipati. Che questo sia un importante indizio di mercato? Non resta che aspettare, e vedere.

  4. i LOVE your before and afters! your photography is UNREAL…seriously. its amazing. i just barely graduated high school and am still quite a beginner at photography, but i absolutely love it. do you ever do classes or anything on editing? thats the only thing i struggle with, and i can’t seem to figure it out. i’m trying hard to find someone that will help me out.if you could shoot me an email, that would be wonderful!

    1. Both of these studies come on the heels of a recent pooled analysis by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centdr in Boston, which cast furthsr doubt oon thee connection between testosterone treatment and cardiovascular risak
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  5. ……rastaquouère  » rase ta couette « ,………tas de cuillers  » d’argent « ,… te rit ,…l’annonciation vanuatu  » va nous tirer « ,………l’envers du nez par les  » arêtes  » ,…inspiration,!… expiration,!……tu nous tiens par la barbichette ,… mieux que dans l’os tu l’auras ,!……iado veux-tu ,…etc,…m’épouser pour ne pas rester,…au revoir ,!……

    1. It iss still unclear whethsr the results exted to other populations
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  6. To the Falvo Family –I was very saddened to open the paper this morning and see that Mr Falvo passed away. You all are in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. I will always remember seeing Mr Falvo at all of our softball games from about 8 years old until we graduated. He was a wonderful guy and he will be missed. God Bless you all!

  7. September 5, 2012 at 12:10 amMy daughter wants to panel one of the walls of her room with a sheet of metal that she can put magnets on and write across with dry-erase markers.What kind of metal should I use? It needs to be magnetic and the color of steel (silver). I’ve heard you need to use Galvanized steel, but I wasn’t sure.Also, do you know where I could buy a sheet of the metal, not in bulk? Reply

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  8. pentru mine a fost o surpriză. nu că n-ar fi meritată poziÅ£ia, ba poate chiar mai mult din punctul meu de vedere (este, alături de un altul la care Å£i-am trimis incident un link acum vreo câteva zile, blogul pe care mi-am petrecut cel mai mult timp în ultima lună ÅŸi ceva de când l-am descoperit [nu c-ar fi prea multe cele pe care le citesc]). dar n-aÅŸ fi putut spune că e un loc ‘cool’ :).(ps răutăcios: nu ÅŸtiu câţi dintre cei care te linkeaza apreciază cu adevărat gustul ceaiului tău 🙂

  9. I love that goofy little bird! What a great card! That sentiment is fitting sometimes! So glad that I am not the only person who has more supplies than I will ever use. I feel guilty sometimes, but then I buy more to make myself feel better! Oh well.

    1. The Xu meta-analysis demanded 27 released, randomized, placebo-controlled trials
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  10. get ready for dayton! yes its no milwaukee or chicago… but its gonna be a rager. i dont know if andy has made you aware ken, but we have a street that is populated with a multitude of adult entertainment. think amsterdam meets gummo. and i will be your tourguide. plus bretts wedding and reception. these are a few of the reasons you should haul ass to dayton.

  11. Devouring your blog slowly but surely! For this one I only used two chicken breasts, cut into strips, and didn't dredge it in the flour. Also added about a 1/2 tbps of red pepper flakes. My crockpot is a bit too big so I made a smaller bowl inside with tin foil and cooked for 3 1/2 hours on high. Came out great, served with cauliflower and brown rice. Planning a couples dinner this week with the cranberry roast! Thank you so much

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  13. “Those of you who are obsessed with intelligence (particularly the Obamas’ intelligence), what do you have to say now? I would say she is no were near as smart as Obama.”Yup, a beauty queen with a journalism degree from the University of Idaho, and a guy who graduated 894th in his class, there’s some think tank material there! Of course all of you ‘IQ is destiny’ people will still vote for them in November.I think you guys should call a moratorium on the ‘how dumb are the black Obamas’ posts. Otherwise you will look like complete noobs.

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  14. “I played a little offensive line in college. My favorite moves was when we were losing and getting out butt kicked was as follows:1) ring my bell. I would shove a forearm or elbow as hard as I could in upper chest or neck of QB as I tackled him and then as I am falling on him and covered from rep sharply raise my elbow and smash into his jaw.”If any O lineman on our college team had done that to our quarterback, he would have found himself droped off in Lincoln or Norman, naked with the words “Red sucks” painted on his body.

  15. Carolina,Nota prévia, tente ler o que eu escrevi sem inventar o que eu sou. Até pq se engana, não sou do PCP. Fui, tal como fui dirigente do BE.Segundo, se eu tivesse resposta para a questão da forma económica do socialismo e da sua conjugação com as formas políticas, não precisava de insistir em debates sobre essa matéria.Terceiro, a minha crítica é exactamente essa, faz-se o debate do fácil em prejuízo do difícil.

  16. Agreed. The Yemenis are not our friends, and they aren’t particularly good allies either. Are there other, friendlier bases to be had that would allow us to maintain our presence in this critical region?On a positive note: it would be more than poetic justice if the U.S. Navy were to recapture the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing. I’m sure they have a corner in the brig with his name on it. We can hope anyway.

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  20. If it makes you feel better, my brother-in-law called me a hi-tech redneck after he saw the PVC system I stalled in my old pickup truck.I’m more the vest-of-holding type than the superhero utility belt sort, though (and that became a running gag at an LRT Conclave several years ago).

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  22. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appearance. I must say you have done a fantastic job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Chrome. Exceptional Blog!

  23. “…dat elk onderwerp binnen vijf a zeven minuten naar een conclusie wordt gejaagd.” Je realiseert je toch hopelijk wel dat je gesprekspartner, Nico Haasbroek, hoofdredacteur was van een televisieprogramma waar onderwerpen niet langer dan twee a drie minuten duren? Dat korte, gejaagde is altijd eigen geweest aan de televisie – elk medium heeft zijn inherente mogelijkheden en beperkingen. Zoals nu ook de makers van Het Gesprek ondervinden.

  24. Amor bridesmaids dress doesnt look like the horrible bridesmaids dresses they make us wear. you look fantastica, love the peach color and fabric. I have kinda the same problem with watches they always come apart or the batteries dont last. how creepy, love love,grandmamas pocket watch. adorar the first foto of you looking down, such a vision you are.

  25. Edmund is cool in his unique way. He brought some baggage that we are currently sorting through. Did I mention he's very loving? Did I mention he's communicative and you will never have to guess what he wants because he's going to tell you?Edmund will always have an opinion. We just have to find him a good negotiator.

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  28. Okay just a minute…… I had to turn up my speakers! Nice! I really like this one. New to me, but not no more. Thanks for turning me on to this one. I can just see you and Jack dancin' to this one slow dance. Well hell I can see me & Dave dancin' to this one. hehehe hugzzzzz thanks for jammin' with us baby girl!…

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  32. What a beautiful little baby boy Nolan is! My favorite is the picture on his tummy with his head on his hands and a little hint of a smile on his face. Is he still so peaceful?? I hope I get to meet him someday soon. I am a friend of the proud Sill grandparents………Blessings, Roberta Glaser

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  34. on your cross “we knew not what we did” and we beg for your forgiveness and i pray you give this woman the strength and ability to forgive herself. I pray that you give her the grace to continue with her life with that child in her thoughts but release her from the anguish of the memory. please Jesus show us your mercy and grace as we all know none of us deserve it. Amen…

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  36. that it’s a serious album; sepia-tinted photo, Sylvian’s carefully studied pose, intellectual spectacles, the bare lightbulb, the stratgically placed bowl of rice and portrait of Mao. This was certainly NOT a man who would be willingly seen poncing about on a yacht in the Bahamas. Musically, all that plinky-plonky faux-oriental minimalist stuff was harder to get a handle on. I didn’t like it very much at the time, but I’ve grown to appreciate it in later life!

  37. “Quale voce abbiamo avuto nelle decisioni che stanno così fortemente condizionando la nostra vita, hic et nunc???”Beh, sig. Reginaldus…. Che domande…. Abbiamo avuto voce di fare molti referendum, che sono stati regolarmente aggirati e non applicati.Apprezzo il suo “sovranamente cornuto”. Era sottointeso “e mazziato” dato che dovrà essere “tolto di mezzo”. Davvero molto condivisibile. Siamo al capezzale dell’agonizzante …

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  39. y-frontmanJuly 14, 2006 at 4:39 pmTo be honest man, although the cock snapping part doesn’t sound to pleasant, there could be worse ways for it to happen than for cheryl tweedy to sit on it! I wouldnt say no! That aside, i do agree he was acting like a dickhead. Fact is tho, he’s probably the best leftback in the world and if there is any chance we can keep him we should make a go of it!Getting a bit bored of all these rumours… bring on the relegations tonight and finally some action!

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  42. Man kan nästan tro att jag har blivit en bimbo hihi. Men älskar allt som har med skönhet att göra. Naglar, solarium, hår, ögonfransar och nu bestämt mig för att förstora mina läppar. Inget jag tänkt på bara sådär, utan tänkt i flera månader. Allt bra med dig annars? Händer något kul i veckan?

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