Things you should do on Halloween


Halloween To-Do List ✝

✟ Carve a pumpkin
✟ See Frankenweenie
✟ See Paranorman
✟ See Hotel Transylvania
✟ See Paranormal Activity 4
✟ See Silent Hill: Revelation
✟ Watch the Nightmare Before Christmas
✟ Watch German Expressionist horror films
✟ Watch a Vincent Price film
✟ Watch a Universal classic monster movie
✟ Drink cider
✟ Eat a caramel apple
✟ Drink a pumpkin spice latte
✟ Eat a candy corn
✟ Eat flavored candy corn
✟ Eat a Halloween Oreo
✟ Eat a Reese’s pumpkin and a Snickers pumpkin
✟ Eat a caramel apple Milky Way
✟ Drink pumpkin ale or beer
✟ Eat Frankenberry, Boo Berry or Count Chocula
✟ Drink spicy tea
✟ Bake an apple pie
✟ Make Halloween✟ themed foods
✟ Bake Halloween cookies
✟ Make pumpkin bread with a fresh pumpkin
✟ Make pumpkin soup
✟ Mix spooky drinks
✟ Roast pumpkin seeds
✟ Collect four different colored leaves
✟ Make leaf rubbings on paper
✟ Dress up
✟ Visit a pumpkin patch
✟ Go on a hayride
✟ Go to a haunted house
✟ Go through at least two haunted trails
✟ Pass out candy
✟ Throw a Halloween party
✟ Attend a Halloween party
✟ Host a spooky movie night
✟ Design invitations for Halloween party
✟ Sit on the porch and smell rain
✟ Visit five cemeteries and leave offerings at each
✟ Visit Sacred Heart
✟ Wear orange
✟ Wear a sweater
✟ Play in the leaves
✟ Do a gravestone rubbing
✟ Participate in a zombie walk
✟ Scare someone
✟ Watch Hocus Pocus
✟ Visit an Oktoberfest
✟ See Evil Dead: the Musical and get refreshments
✟ Attend a convention
✟ Visit family graves
✟ Build a fire
✟ Do a Samhain ritual
✟ Get scents from B&BW, BPAL and Yankee Candle
✟ Visit the Haunted Castle
✟ Take Halloween photos with Spooky
✟ Break out the Pyramid Head costume
✟ Make a Halloween playlist
✟ Celebrate Dia de los Muertos
✟ Read a classic Gothic novel
✟ Decorate the house inside and out
✟ Collect interesting pumpkins
✟ Dance to “Thriller”


Any other ideas?

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