The Egg Diet: Lose Three Pounds Overnight!

Did you know that you can lose three pounds overnight on the egg diet?  It’s true… this is a very simple diet and not as hard to do as one would think.

The instructions for this diet is just to eat hard boiled eggs throughout the day.  Black coffee and tea are also allowed, and lots of water is recommended.

Most people eat between 5-12 hard-boiled eggs while doing this diet.

You are not usually hungry on the Egg Diet because the protein and fat fill you up, plus your body will eventually go into ketosis, which usually kills the appetite.

Many people who are on a low carb diet will do an egg fast for 3 days in order to break a weight plateau.

One technique to save time is to buy a bag of these pre-made hard-boiled eggs:

Egglands Best
Lose 3 pounds overnight on the egg diet

Piercings I want *-* ♥

Piercings I want: (ordered by priority)

♥ Snake Bites 
♥ Cheeks/Dimples
♥ Tongue 
♥ Frenulum 
♥ Helix 
♥ Tragus 
Angel Bites / Anti Bites or Medusa 
I’m still not sure what suits me more and what looks better to the other piercings :3
♥ Snug 
♥ Rook 
♥ Microdermals/Anchors cleavage (2 right and 2 left) and pelvis (2 right and 2 left)
♥ Nipples? haha: D maybe: D

Piercings I already got:

♥ Tripple Lobes (three ear holes on each side)
♥ Navel piercing I love everything about it! *-*
♥ Septum *O*

I’ll try to keep the list up to date 🙂

[Shop] Likoli

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It was so hard to order just one Shirt. After long consideration, I decided to order this one. 😀
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The shop is well constructed and designed. The models are very natural and every T- shirts is described. Each T- shirt costs € 19.95 and is available for men and women. The shipping and return are free. One day after the order I already got the shirt. 🙂

The support is totally sweet, fast and above all likable. 🙂

The shop is definitely worth a visit and everyone will like a couple of T -Shirts! The cost-benefit ratio, the support and the shop itself are perfect! I have nothing to criticize.

Meow! :3

What do you think of the shop Likoli and the T -shirt? 🙂