The online shop Likoli sells many t-shirts with great designs. I really like the designs. There are striking, cool and fun shirts. To be honest I could order almost each Shirt. 😀

It was so hard to order just one Shirt. After long consideration, I decided to order this one. 😀
The Cat and the slogan are too cool. The t-shirt itself is well made, looks like in the picture in the online shop and is made of 100 % cotton. It is one of my favorite shirts. ♥

The shop is well constructed and designed. The models are very natural and every T- shirts is described. Each T- shirt costs € 19.95 and is available for men and women. The shipping and return are free. One day after the order I already got the shirt. 🙂

The support is totally sweet, fast and above all likable. 🙂

The shop is definitely worth a visit and everyone will like a couple of T -Shirts! The cost-benefit ratio, the support and the shop itself are perfect! I have nothing to criticize.

Meow! :3

What do you think of the shop Likoli and the T -shirt? 🙂