5 awesome reminders for the New Year

1) Anything that has caused you pain in the previous year, eradicate it with the idea of new beginnings. Forget your past but let it go with forgiveness. You don’t deserve to have a year old brick on your back and carry it into the new born year. Your past is old and adulterated and making it right falls under the definition of restarting. You might have been at the bottom this year but an alarm has rang for you to start ascending. Destroy whatever is destroying you, rinse off the past on your fingertips for they are only providing germs, forgive the past that is draining in the sink, and produce fresh water that only the new year can bring. Do not let what’s behind you catch up because your past can only survive if you keep feeding it your anger.
2) Think about what you are changing and who are you changing for. Think about if change will be for better or for worse and who is promoting your change for the worse. You will always have a line of people who are shouting demands that request a different you. Will you listen? Why are you listening? Do you agree? Why do you not or do agree? Change requires more than just one question. You are one heartbeat away from change, but it is up to you to let that heart respond. Change for the better, change for yourself, change because change exists, and don’t be afraid to do so.

3) Allow yourself to make mistakes so this won’t be the only year with knowledge. There will be more years of learning after this so allow yourself to take the classes now so you will only advance in knowledge. Making mistakes doesn’t mean you are a mistake, so make them! You will learn from them and this change that is spoken about only comes from learning. Make a mistake every once in a while. Sincerely apologize if that mistake bestowed a bruise upon others. Learn. Don’t be afraid to admit you are wrong because admitting your own false responsibility just emphasizes the muscle in your arms. Making a mistake and learning is one of the biggest muscles in the world. You are not a mistake for making a mistake and are not failing if you are learning slowly. The way you progress is incomparable. The way you learn is incomparable.

4) Love yourself for it is one of the most important keys to loving others. Do not let someone love you for you because though love is shareable, you must be greedy with it. Start loving yourself more than you love your own neighbor because true love results in confidence, not arrogance. Love yourself uniquely, so special that it is not fit to touch anyone else. Don’t fear from loving yourself, even though the world creates confidence as a monster. Love yourself not because you are popular, or rich, or the collector of materials that the rest can’t collect. Don’t love yourself for the things you can see but close your eyes and love yourself blind. Fall in love with your heart and if it is not beautiful, do all that you can to make it pretty. Fall in love with yourself with a bag over your head and a pretty heart, instead of falling in love with a pretty face and your heart under a bag.

5) Love. Love the animals and the plants, the sky and the cement. Love those who hurt you and those who healed you. Love those who do not support your decision and love those who you do not support their choices. Love hearts, not faces. Love your past and your future. Love what you cannot see. Love what you can see. Not everything in this world is agreeable, but that doesn’t give you the right to refuse to love. Love the people, not their poor choices. Love because we need it. Love with all of your heart because love is the necessity for a fresh beginning.


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