I was the first one who pointed out that this type of diets are unlealthy and dangerous. I never intended to pull healthy people in, my intention was and still is to help people who already suffer from an ED to have a less painfull lifestyle that will be easier, free of guilt and the same or even more effective.

I have been living with an ED for ages and if there was a way for everyone who is like me to get rid of guilt, binges, self-punishment, purging, starving and crying at every single bite (only people with an ED will understand how this things feel like) I felt it was definately worth my time and effort to make this stuff work.

I have always been honest with everybody and about everything since the beginning of my threads.

Everything started a few months ago when I had to do a university research about ancient prisoner execution methods.
After being in the middle of my research I found out about an ancient execution method where prisoners were asked what their favourite single-ingredient food was. Then the prisoners were fed with this particular food (that used to be their favourite) every single day. The prisoners started dying from starvation after 2,5 months of eating the same food everyday (depending on the kind of the food and the prisoners weight and health condition). None of the prisoners survived more than 6 months.

(Mono diets on a single food should never last more than 7 days in row. Mono diets CAN lead to STARVATION if done on the same food for an extended period of time.)

After researching about that method that I had never heard about before, I decided to do the chocolate diet myself.

Of course a mono diet on the same food from 1 to 3 days that I recomend is not dangerous for your life, but is not healthy either.

That’s what inspired me and made me start the whole mono thread.
It has absolutely nothing to do with “healthy” mono diet methods that used to exist for detox purposes (and of course are not so effective).
That’s why the mono diet rules were set in order for the diet to be effective even for ana girls.

I never expected that mono dieting would become such a big deal and so many people would follow.
I am glad mono diets helped so many people get a better and easier everyday life and lose so much weight at the same time.

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