MUST HAVE: Vaseline

If you don’t use Vaseline already, I strongly recommend you start for many reasons:

1) When rubbing in on your eye lid/ under eyes it prevents wrickles.
And if you rub some on your eyelashes it moisturizes them wonderfully.

2) It can keep eyebrow hair in place (if you don’t like the way your eyebrow hair stands out)

3) I always rub it on my nail cuticles, It makes a difference on my nails at least. But everyone is different.

4) Rubbing it on hands/feet feels amazing (especially feet)

5) it can moisturize hair, (rub it on the split ends) (but it can get kind of greasy just sayin’)

6) It can be used as lip balm (though it tastes disgusting)

7) It can somewhat help heal cuts

I can’t live without Vaseline it’s one of my most loved bathroom products.


5 thoughts on “MUST HAVE: Vaseline

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