Mono diet PROS and CONS

The mono diets PROS are that:
Stop binging for a long time.
Break b/p cycle.
Never feel hungry.
Feel satisfied with what you eat.
Eat food that used to be no-nos when restricting and food that you hadn’t eaten for years.
Have results similar to fasting and better than restricting.
Makes it easier to socialize and eat in public or in front of my family.

The mono diets CONS are that:
Your body doesn’t get enough nutrients.
You may experience symptoms that are experienced in long fasts such as hair loss.
You may experience several mono diet symptoms which are mentioned below.


During mono dieting several symproms and side effects may be experienced.
This symptoms may be strong or not but they are a proof that your mono dieting is working and your body is changing.

Usual mono diet symproms are:
energy ups and downs

Less usual mono diet symptoms are:
bad memory
feeling sleepy early
bad cravings for other food in the afternoon

More rare mono diets symptoms are:
feeling that you want to vomit (but don’t actually vomit)
stomach acid reflux (acid coming up your throat)

If you experience bloating during or after your mono diet you should stop the mono diet on that specific food immediately. It may be a sighn of food intolerance.

**Many people do NOT experience mono diet symptoms at all. This does not mean that their mono diet is not working or that they will not lose weight, every body is different and reacts in a different way.

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