1. When food is your only relationship goal.

2. When you’re feeling emotionally distant.

3. When you’re in public, anywhere…

4. …or on social media.

5. When you realize there are more important quests than love.

6. When you’re considering new interests. Literally ANY new interests.

7. When dinner for two becomes dinner for one.

8. When Spotify truly knows you.

9. When you become the token single friend.

10. When you enter the “I love ME” stage.

11. When your family asks you The Question…

12. …and when you try to get them to stop.

13. When dating is a downward exponential curve.

14. When a can of chips is getting more action than you.

15. When you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go…

16. …because “going out” is just too overwhelming.

17. When the plot of The Old Man and the Seabecomes TOO REAL.

18. When you find the real reason to rejoice on Feb. 14.

19. When your friends try to set you up…

20. …and when your lines are a little rusty.

21. And when you realize you’ve already found The One.