32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language


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A Welsh word without direct English translation, and utterly beautiful. Thanks, Wales.


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32. And finally, a word that embiggens the soul:

And finally, a word that embiggens the soul:

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16 Things I Like

Soo some things I really like.. Just a random list out of boredom and because I always forget to blog..

16 Things I like

  1. The smell outside after rain(3) Tumblr

  2. Baggy boyfriend sweaters

  3. Books you can not put down
    Narandžasta | via Tumblr

  4. Stupid conversations nobody else would understand
    Mary's little world | via Tumblr

  5. Being embarrassing, weird and silly
    @mikeoakheart | via Tumblr

  6. Making people happy and smile

  7. Long hugs and cuddling
    Don't be shy | via Tumblr

  8. Saying hello to strangers
    Untitled | via Tumblr

  9. The smell of fresh bread (or croissants)

  10. Songs that feel like they are written for you
    listen closely..

  11. Sleepovers

  12. Staying in bed all day with my notebook

  13. Hot Tea

    Coffee | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

  14. Thunderstorms
    night | Tumblr

  15. Ben & Jerry’s And Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream
    Be inspired by the cute life | via Tumblr

  16. Saying what you feel

  17. Laughing till your stomach hurts
    Instagram/Facebook @ariesmeow

What are some random things you like? (:  

The Best 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories

The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories

Are you feeling like you could use a little bit more creepiness in your life? A few months ago, an Ask Reddit threadasked users to come up with the scariest short two sentence stories they could imagine. It did not take long for the thread to take off and for people to turn their lights on.

Take cover under a blanket and relish in the creepiness that these top 10 two sentence horror stories provide, because it is quite a bit. A big thank you to Imgur user Watermelonmoose for turning the stories into images, which only make them that much creepier.

The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories
What is the scariest you can think about?

International Women’s Day!

Tomorrow it’s International Women’s Day.

As theofficial website states, it is “a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future” and in some countries it is a national holiday.

I’ve decided to seize the occasion and talk about something closely related to women – gender equality. It may also explain why we need a day to celebrate all the female figures worldwide.

Lately, we’ve been hearing these two words a lot. Let’s just go back to the latest Oscars ceremony: Patricia Arquette, winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role inBoyhood, dedicated her speech to women and wage equality, gaining approval from the audience –  including two enthusiastic and cheerful Jennifer Lopez and Meryl Streep.

But this isn’t enough. Many female celebrities are starting to stand out to support the cause, like Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Emma Watson with her HeForShe campaign (Emma, by the way, will host a conference in London on Sunday, 5 pm London time – you can see the livestream on Facebook here).

But why is this happening in 2015? Aren’t women fine with their positions, rights and conquers? Clearly, we’re not.

Going into detail would be impossible: there are many fields that can be discussed (wages, empowerment, jobs, maternity and paternity rights, LGBQT communities, feminism and so on).

Though, you can get a general idea of the situation by taking a look at the Gender Inequality Index, that reflects inequality in achievements between women and men by combining the data of reproductive health, empowerment and the labour market – it will show you that a small but tangible gap is still present almost everywhere.

But what does gender (in)equality really mean? Is it something abstract or people can experience it in their everyday life?

I’ve found two comics that explain this pretty well – and guess what? Gender equality is about men, too.

This was just a tiny example, but it makes you think about all those little things and prejudices that we (mostly unaware) apply to genders. We start from creating specific kind of toys for boys and girls to differentiating wages basing on what’s under someone’s underwear.

Sounds still unconvincing? Let’s move to Middle East and North Africa countries, for example. Here women are forced to submit to extreme gender-based discrimination: in certain cases they are forbidden to drive, have very limited rights when it comes to divorce and education, can be prevented from travelling, are victims of infanticides. And I won’t even start with the physical and sexual violence.

The sad thing is that gender inequality often mixes up with other kinds of discrimination, like racism or homo/transphobia. Fighting gender inequality means also fighting all those assumptions that prevent us from living in a world that puts each human being on the same level regardless of their sexuality, gender, skin color and so on. Sounds familiar? To me, this recalls basic human rights.

This is really a complex topic as you can see, and it’s also quite delicate. Here are some useful sites you can visit if you want to know more:

International Women’s Day Website

Gender Equality Website

HeForShe Official Website

#YesAllWomen on Twitter

I also want to leave you with a good food for thought, a quote I’ve found via thegirlthatcriedwolf. I hope it will make you all think!

Comments and thoughts are very welcome!

“I’m a man.

When I was born my grandfather congratulated my dad for having a son, and thanked my mother for giving my father a son. I got my grandfather’s name.

When I was a child, I could play with LEGO, because “Lego is a boy thing” and that helped my creativity. My ability to solve problems was stimulated. I got HotWheels car-washes and gas stations. I also got a box of plastic tools, to assemble and disassemble toy cars and trucks. That also stimulated my creativity and developed my logic capability, which is good for every child.

In my school day, the girls wore skirts and my friends lifted their skirts. It was a mess, So they were forbidden to wear skirts. I never saw a boy actually get punished for it though, after all “Boys are just like that. Took after his father this menace” – is what I usually heard.

At home, with my family, I liked to play house with a younger cousin. We were around eight. I was the dad, she was the mom and the dolls were our children. While playing, when i carried the dolls in my arms my mother would get mad: “Let go of that doll boy, that’s a girl thing”. And my little cousin’s father, when he saw us playing, wouldn’t let her do it either. He said boys play with boys and girls play with girls because “boys are very stupid, and worse, very forward”. I did not consider myself stupid, and did not understand what he meant by “forward”, but I still did as I was told.

At Christmas, my sister got a Barbie and I got a beyblade. She cried a bit because my toy was much cooler than hers, but every year my mother made the same mistake, and got her a doll, a toy stove, a toy fridge, a blender, everything pink, once mom got her an iron.

When I turned 15 and started dating, my father bought me some condoms
During my teenage years, no one criticized me for kissing lots of girls. Nowadays, that still stands. My father does not get mad at me when I don’t come home for the night, he does not say I need to be a “family boy”. He never slapped me in the face for thinking I’d spent the night at a motel.No one lectures me saying I need to be reserved and play hard to get.
No one judges me when I want to be with a girl and take initiative.

No one cares about my clothes; no one says I have to preserve myself.
No one says I have to preserve myself because “women only think about sex”. No one think my girlfriends were only with me for sex.
No one thinks that, when I have sex, that I’m submitting to the wishes of my partner. No one demonizes my orgasms. I was never judged for carrying condoms in my backpack or in my wallet. I never had to hide my condoms from my parents. I was never told to marry a virgin because I was a man.

I was never told that “men have to value themselves” or that I had to “give myself the respect”. Apparently, my gender already makes me worthy of respect.

When I go out into the streets no one tells me I’m “delicious”.
No unknown woman shouts “smoking hot” my way.
I can walk down the streets having an ice cream cone at ease, because I know I won’t hear things like “drop that and come suck me”. I can even walk down the streets eating a banana. I never had to cross a street, even though it was out of my way, to avoid a group of women in a bar, who will probably catcall me when I pass, embarrassing meI never had to walk in sweatpants, because my shorts leave my legs exposed, and that could be dangerous.

I never heard someone say I was “shameless” because I went out without a shirt. No one regulates my work out clothes.
No one cares about my clothes period.

I was never followed by a woman in a car when I was walking back homeI can catch a crowded subway everyday and surely no woman will rub against me, to record it and throw it on some porn website. No one ever had to create a subway wagon that was “just for men”.

I never heard of someone of my gender being raped by a crowd. I can get on a bus by myself in the middle of the night.
When I’m not carrying anything valuable, I no longer feel threatened, because I don’t fear getting raped at any moment, at every corner. That risk does not exist in the minds of the people of my gender.When I go out at night I can wear whatever clothes I want.

If I suffer any kind of violence, no one blames me for being drunk, or for wearing certain clothes.
If, one day, I was raped, no one would say it was my fault; that I was somewhere inadequate, that I had on a revealing outfit.
No one would try to justify the rape based on my behavior.
I would be treated as a VICTIM and that would be it.

No one thinks I’m vulgar because when it’s cold, my nipples show through my shirt. When I have sex with a woman on the first date I practically get a standing ovation. No one calls me a “tramp”, or “easy” or a “whore” because I have casual sex sometimes. 99% of porn websites are made to please me and men in general. No one is shocked when I say I watch porn. No one judges me if I say I love sex. No one cares if I read erotic literature.
No one is surprised to hear I masturbate. No mother-in-law will tell her daughter not to marry me because I’m not a virgin. 

No one criticizes me for investing in my career. When I have the same job position as a woman, my salary is never inferior to hers. If I am promoted, no one says it’s because I slept with my boss. People believe in my merit.

If I have to travel for work and leave my kids with their mother for a few days no one calls me irresponsible. No one finds it strange that, at thirty years old, I still don’t have kids. 

No one guesses my sexual orientation based on the length of my hair.
When my hair starts to grey, people will find it sexy, not think I’m letting go of myself. 

Society does not see my virginity as a prize. 90% of military services are destined to people of my gender, even the higher jobs, in which the official only deals with paperwork and management. 

If I go out with a certain outfit no one says I’m “asking for it”. If I’m at club and a woman performs oral sex on me, I’m not the “whore” or the “tramp”, she is.
If a video of me having sex with a woman gets leaked, no one will call me names, criticize me, stone me. I won’t be the “disgusting little bitch” I won’t be “trash” or “used” or “cheap”. I’d just be the man, fulfilling my alpha guy position in society.
If I lead a promiscuous lifestyle and then fall in love with just one woman, people think its beautiful. No one judges me based on my past. 

No one says it’s disgusting if I don’t shave myself. No one would judge me for being a single dad. On the contrary, I’d be seen as a hero. I’ll never be stopped from occupying a higher position in the Catholic Church for being a man.

I was never beaten up for being a man.
I was never obligated to do housework for being a man.
I never had the obligation to learn how to cook for being a man.
No one tells me my place is in the kitchen for being a man.                         No one says I can’t curse for being a man.
No one says I can’t drink for being a man.                                                     No one stares at my plate if I put a lot of food in it.                                       No one justifies my foul mood by blaming it on hormones.  

No one has ever made jokes that undermined my intelligence for being a man. When I sometimes mess up in traffic no one says “It had to be a man”. When I’m polite to a woman she doesn’t automatically assume I’m hitting on her. The term “tramp stamp” did not come into existence because men were seen as cheap. No one treats my body as just a tool for giving pleasure to the opposite sex.

No one thinks I’ll have to be submissive to a future wife. I was never judged for drinking beer at table in which I was the only man. I’m never the target audience for house cleaning products ads.
I’m the target audience for beer ads. No one’s ever asked me if my girlfriend lets me cut my hair. I cut it when I want to and people understand that.There isn’t haze at USP (a university) that promotes my humiliation and objectification. Society doesn’t split my gender in “to marry” and “to whore”. 

When I say “no” no one thinks I’m just playing hard to get. No is no .I don’t have to dress a certain way to avoid having women falling into temptation. People of my gender were not raped each 40 minutes in São Paulo last year.
People of my gender don’t get raped every 12 seconds in Brazil.
People of my gender didn’t get raped by a crowd during protests in Egypt.     

I’m not a man. But if you are, it’s fundamental to admit that society AS A WHOLE needs feminism.
Don’t underestimate suffering that you don’t understand.”

Egg-Stuffed Baked Potatoes


baked potatoes, slightly cooled
melted butter
kosher salt and black pepper
shredded cheese (cheddar, gruyere, fontina, pepperjack, or other of your choice)
additional fillings of your choice: sauteed vegetables, bacon or ham, etc.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Slice a layer off the top of each potato.

Use a spoon to gently scoop out insides, leaving a thin layer of potato against the skin and avoiding puncturing the bottom.

Reserve scooped potato for another use.

Brush inside of each potato with melted butter and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.

Sprinkle a layer of shredded cheese into each potato and add fillings as desired (vegetables, diced meat, etc.)

Fill each potato about 3/4 full.

Crack one egg into each potato.

Sprinkle with a little more salt and pepper.

Top with additional cheese and toppings if desired.

Place potatoes on a baking sheet and cook for about 20 minutes.  Egg whites should be set and yolks soft.

Recipe inspired by The Village Cook

Important Weight Loss Tips & Exapmles

Fact 1: Whether you lose weight or not depends almost entirely on whether you’re eating less calories than you need to maintain your weight. The number of calories needed to maintain your weight depends on your metabolism. Eating less calories than you need is called ‘calorie deficit.’

Example 1: If Jill has a 1500 calorie a day metabolism, then eating less than 1500 calories a day will usually make Jill lose weight, and eating more than 1500 calories a day will make Jill gain weight. If Jill eats 1200 calories in a day, Jill will have a 300 calorie deficit.

Fact 2: Your body has two main sources of stored energy; fat and glycogen. Glycogen is a form of carbohydrate, and it provides four calories per gram. It also soaks up more than its own weight in water. When you first start cutting calories (or carbs), you will consume your glycogen stores and they will steadily be diminished. This will cause rapid weight loss – which will continue for a few days (or over a week if you’re only cutting calories slightly). This rapid weight loss will give you a buzz of satisfaction – but very little actual body fat will be lost during this phase.

Example 2: If Jack weighs 75 kg and has a 2500 calorie a day metabolism, and his body has 500 grams of stored glycogen, and Jack cuts down to 1500 calories a day, then Jack will consume all of his glycogen stores within two days and lose 500 grams of stored carbohydrates and about a kilogram of water. After two days on diet, Jack will be down to 73.5 kg. But Jack will have just as much body fat as when he started, and when he starts eating more and his glycogen stores recover, he’ll put those 1.5 kg back on as soon as he’s gone 2000 calories over his maintenance intake.

Fact 3: Every kilogram of body fat has about 7700 calories. In other words, you have to burn 7700 calories more than you eat to lose a kilogram of body fat. And once your glycogen stores are eliminated, body fat will be your primary fuel source. This will make weight loss excruciatingly slow for people who expect the same results during prolonged dieting that they expected during the initial phase.

Example 3: Jack is still eating 1500 calories a day and is having a 1000 calorie a day deficit because he needs 1000 more to maintain. He’s eating 40% less food than he needs. But it’s going to take Jack nearly 8 days to get from 73.5 kg down to 72.5 kg, because that’s how long it will take for his 1000 calorie a day deficit to add up to 7700. Jack is only going to lose 130 grams of fat a day.

Fact 4: Most nutritionists recommend a calorie intake of 2000 a day for females and 2500 a day for males. This is arbitrary and based on averages; your need may be lower or higher.

Example 4: Jez has an eating disorder and regularly posts on MPA. Jez has a 4000 calorie a day metabolism, for reasons which he has never been able to ascertain, but he loses weight on anything less than 3700 a day and usually takes about 4300+ a day to gain anything. Jez burns 1500 calories a day more than an average adult male. However, Jez’s girlfriend only has a 1200 calorie a day metabolism, eats much smaller meals than he does, and burns 800 calories a day less than an average adult female. Both are atypical, but prove that there are extreme ends of both scales.

Fact 5: Once your glycogen deposits are depleted and it takes a 770 calorie deficit to lose 100 grams of fat, water and poop weight have more of an effect on your daily scale results than how much or how little you’re eating.

Example 5: Jane has a 1700 calorie a day metabolism, and she only ate 550 calories yesterday. She lost 150 grams of body fat, but drank about 200 grams more water than she peed out before weighing herself this morning. She also didn’t poop today, and has about 100 grams of poop in her digestive tract. So even after starving all day yesterday, Jane weighs 150 grams more on the scale. She is incredibly disappointed, and starts a thread on MPA asking what’s wrong.

Fact 6: Once you’ve depleted your fat stores, your body has one last ditch energy source to keep itself from shutting down; the protein that makes up your muscles and internal organs. This protein provides about 4 calories per gram – processed inefficiently – and carries water with it. At this point, weight loss once again becomes rapid and body tissues begin to waste away very quickly. Death usually occurs within a week or two unless calorie deficit ceases.

Example 6: Karen suffers from anorexia nervosa. Karen has a 1000 calorie a day metabolism, and is unable to eat due to the severity of her eating disorder. Karen ran out of stored fat tissue a week ago, and to provide her 1000 calories a day she has had to metabolise 250 grams a day of her own muscles and vital organs. Karen died today of heart failure because the tissues that made up her cardiac had been digested in lieu of food.

Please apply some of this information to your diets, avoid making too many unnecessary tip threads and consider the effects of long term starvation.