This is really deep and everyone should think about it..

What’s your opinion about it? Right? Or not in your case and you love your parents? 🙂
I totally agree to this, this is totally my mother.. I hate our society and especially my “family”. They don’t support me, that make everything more complex. And seriously that is wasted time.  My family has no idea about me and my life. They think they know but they don’t even want to, they just judge everything and everyone.

  • Parent: You can tell me anything 🙂

  • Child: I’m depressed

  • Parent: Snap out of it

  • Child: I’m anxious all the time

  • Parent: No you’re not

  • Child: I’m gay

  • Parent: Not in my house

  • Child: I’m bisexual

  • Parent: It’s a phase, you’ll grow out of it.

  • Child: *is rebellious and emotionally distant*

  • Parent: WHERE DID I GO WRONG?????

  • Child: *stops trying, moves out and cuts contact*

  • Parent: Kids these days are so ungrateful…

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But they don't know...

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