I am using ASK.FM again! #AskDiina

About two years ago I stopped using ask.fm because of all the hate unnecessary stuff people asked me. But I am using it again because it’s the easiest way for you to tell and ask me stuff and some of you requested it!

I will answer some important/good/inspiring/interesting questions with a long answer on my blog. I will try to answer as much as possible but don’t get mad at mem if I don’t answer straight away! Uh and I will also blog the dumbest/funniest questions like I already did in german a while ago! 🙂

Please only ask questions or tell me stuff in German or English!

You can ask and tell me whatever you want and also can suggest blog topics and stuff like this :3

And to all the Haters: I don’t care what you tell me. Whatever you say to me says more about you then about me! Fuck you bitches :*



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