How To: Stretch Your Septum Piercing

What will you need?

  • Oil to massage with (Emu oil, jojoba oil, Bio Oil or vitamin E oil)
  • No flared plug/tunnel (no, not acrylic or silicone)
  • KY Jelly (or any other water-based lubricant)
  • Insertion pin:

Most of you will have had your septum pierced at 1.2mm (16g) or 1.6mm (14g) so the first insertion pin you’ll need to buy will be at 2mm (12g).

  1. Make sure you wash your hands with antibacterial soap (even better if you have gloves (no, not washing up gloves)
  2. Massage your septum with the oil for a good few minutes
  3. Take the lubricant and rub it all on the insertion pin
  4. Start placing it through your septum, slowly but surely. You will feel a stinging sensation, but that’s normal because of the nerve endings. The slower you go, the nicer it should be for you
  5. Once you have the pin through, get your plug or tunnel and line it up with the bigger end of the pin. Push both the jewellery and the pin towards each other AS you push it through your septum to get the jewellery through
  6. Push the jewellery over a bit in the direction you were going, and then the other way to even it all up
  7. Ta-da
It might be very sore for a few days or a week or two. That’s normal. Just keep bathing! If it swells, a hot compress is always good; warm water from the kettle on a cotton pad and press it on and around your septum.

What sizes do you go up in?

1mm. Any more and it’s going to seriously hurt and/or you could get a blowout (yes, you can get blowouts in a piercing other than your lobes)

How long will it take to heal?

Between 1-2 months usually, but please keep in mind that just because it seems fine, doesn’t always mean it’s fully healed.

What about the taping method?

The smaller the size, the harder it is to tape. It’s the same as with lobes.
About 6mm (2g) is an ok size to start taping. It can be a little awkward with septums though. Depending on how loose it is, a layer or two every few weeks should be fine!

What about the dead stretch method?

Dead stretching involves using round ended (often) glass plugs in half sizes to stretch the fistula. It’s a debated method, however one that’s often used. It should only be attempted if you are able to find plugs that are in 0.5mm sizes up, if not, it’s generally not advised.

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