Let’s start in order from head to toe 🙂


  • Having curly/straight/wavy/no hair is perfectly fine
  • If you suspect you have lice get it treated ASAP!! it’s not an indicator of how dirty you are, ANYONE can get lice! drugstores generally sell cheap products to treat it.
  • dry hair? coconut oil. oily hair? use a clarIfying shampoo once a month.
  • your hair is flawless. or lack of hair. you go.
  • eyebrows: big eyebrows r in so dont feel self conscious about your furry brows!! If you REALLY feel bad, i recommend threading, plucking, or waxing but for the love of god DO NOT GO CRAZY OR SHAVE!!
  • don’t have eyebrows on fleek?behold.
  • hair on your face?? normal!! don’t like it?? use a tiny electric trimmer!! you can find them for under $20 and they’re so worth it! it’s painless, it’s small, it’s cute n easy to use.
  • If you have acne, alert your guardian so you can see a dermatologist. If not, buy tea tree oil, and then make a mix of 1 part tea tree oil, 10 parts water, n dab it on the acne. also: dO NOT PICK AT your ACNE W your FINGERS!! use a tissue, wash your hands, be gentle, bc If not you will leave scars.


  • All breast sizes are beautIful! there is no such thing as “normal” bc no two pair of breasts are alike!!
  • If your really insecure about your size, i recommend looking at the dangers in the procedures of reductions/implants. it’s some serious stuff guys, and unless it’s damaging your health I’d stay the way you are.
  • Nipples can be inverted, darker, lighter, protruding, larger, and smaller than what you’ve seen in movies and such! Again, no such thing as normal!!
  • If you suffer from cracked nipples I recommend switching to cotton bras and using formulas made for people who r currently breastfeeding.
  • Nimple bumps are totally normal! So is hair!
  • Regularly feel your breasts for any abnormal lumps or bumps. If you detect anything out of the ordinary, don’t be hindered by embarrassment!! see a doctor ASAP!!


  • All stomachs are awesome bellies r so cute I love them
  • Hair on your stomach and back is inevitable and not worth shaving don’t even stress.
  • If your stomach feels queasy: take Pepto Bismol! If you can’t, drink ginger ale or sprite, take deep breaths, eat saltines
  • If you have bad period cramps, take a Mydol or Aleve, use a warm compress, take a bath, take a nap, STAY HYDRATED!!!

Crotch/Genital Region/Legs:

  • Whatever you do with your pubic hair is entirely your choice. A good partner will not shame you for your preference.
  • That being said, you can:
  • Go all natural
  • Trim it a bit
  • Shave/Wax it
  • If you wax it, please visit a reputable place, the extra $$$ is worth it to ensure that you aren’t left with an infection or allergic reaction
  • Shaving tips: Use a (fairly) new razor, use coconut oil/baby oil/neosporin instead of shaving cream, use a mirror, and take your time. Rinse well afterwards.
  • There are products that prevent and treat razor bumps, use them to your advantage!
  • Never use a douche!! All lady parts smell, but If urs is bad or “fishy,” see a doctor, do not use scented products!!
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use protection! If you can’t wrap it then don’t tap it!
  • Some girls have larger labias, some girls don’t. All vaginas look dIfferent, there’s nothing wrong with yours! Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar, a jerk, and has probably never seen a real vagina.
  • However, If you do sense that something is off, tell your doctor!!!!
  • As for legs, hair, scars, cellulite, its all treatable!

Moral of the story you’re all beautIful and I hope you enjoyed my body positivity/self care tips!

We are all wonderwomen 👸

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