How to fight sexism & How not to

How not to fight sexism:

How to fight sexism:

  • Challenge any and all sexist stereotypes.
  • Acknowledge and fight the sexism you have internalized.
  • Acknowledge and fight external sexism.
  • Address someone when expressing something sexist, in a nonviolent and logical way.
  • Address it when members of your own sex are fighting sexism in the wrong way.
  • Do not use the term “reverse sexism.”
  • Don’t be biased, be consistent when addressing sexist issues.
  • Do not overlook problematic beliefs just because the person expressing them is agreeing with you.
  • Don’t enforce stereotypes.

Things to remember:

  • Sexism isn’t specific to any sex in particular.
  • That reverse sexism isn’t a thing because the definition of sexism is not necessarily sex-specific, not because you think a man can’t experience sexism.
  • The definition of sexism.
  • Calling someone names or using bad language won’t make a difference.
  • Making blogs dedicated to shaming men won’t help, either.
  • Making fun of men’s sensitivities won’t help.
  • No one’s feelings should be devalued because of their sex alone.
  • That sexist ideas and stereotypes are literally shoved down our throats at a young age and that many people don’t even know they’re sexist or posses sexist beliefs.
  • That adding more sexism will not solve anything.

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