ABOUT ME: Favorites, This or That and My LAST KISS & Relationship! #AskDiina

What is your:

3. nationality? german
4. height? 165 (5’5)
5. hair color? Brown
6. eye color? left green | right: brown
7. your hometown? Bochum, Germany

Have you ever:
8. Been drunk? I don’t get really drunk even when I drink 3 liters of vodka or jacky
9. been in love? Yeah and it hurt.
10. done drugs? Yeah.
11. had a relationship? Yeah. Not so great.
12. Gotten a tattoo? NOO but I will get one soon

What is your Favorite:
13. Book? The Faults In Our Stars – John Green
14. Movie? Jurassic Park –
15. Colour? Purple, Red, Pink, Black, Gray
16. Song? See you again, Immortals,..
17. Band? BMTH

This or that:
18. Cookies or cake? Depends what kind of but I would say COOOOOOKIES
19. Pepsi or coke? COOKE ZERO
20. Tea or coffee? TEA
21. Pop or Rock music? ROCK

Have you ever been in:
22. NYC? YEAH and I am with love with this city
23. Paris? Yes but tbh I don’t like french..
24. London? Sure. England is baeeee
25. Milan? Yeah.

When was your last:
26. Kiss? What counts? With tongue? Cheek?… A few days ago 🙂
27. Hug? Today with my guuuuurl
28. Vacation? I never really had one just business..
29. Relationship? My ex is an asshole and I never met anyone as bad and dumb as him.. I won’t say it was a relationship. If you read this: Fuck yourself Fuckboy. You’ll never be able to have a real relationship.
30. Concert? AC/DC.. Ultra festival!

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