Lioness Finger Tattoo! ^-^

Yesterday I got my second tattoo! ___

It’s a lioness on my left forefinger! 🙂

My bae got a matching tattoo (a lion) on hist right forefinger! c:

Pain?  It kinda hurt and was kind of a burning pain put okay, not so extreme. But it really hurt on the bone.

Time? My lioness took about 80 minutes. The lion about 90.

Colors? Its’ black, shades of grey and white. 🙂

Price? I didn’t paid for it because the artist is a good friend of mine <3

Design? We used real lion photographs.

Meaning? My zodiac sign is leo. I got matching ones with my bae. Also a lioness embody several traits like strength, justice, courage, bravery, motherhood, leadership and royalty. 🙂

After it & now? After the inking it hurt to fold the hand and hurt like a bad sunburn. Now, 18 hours after it I don’t really feel it anymore, just a slightly burning pain and it hurts really bad when I accidentally scratch it.

Aftercare? I put antiseptic rash cream (Bepanthen) three times a day on it and clean it anyway when I wash my hands. 🙂

If you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂

Next Tattoo in 2 weeks! :3

(oldest -> newest)

I also got my old tattoo inked again because it kinda turned grey ^.^

Tattos I Want Part 2

You know I love tattoos and I am so excited to get my next tattoo on Tuesday.

I will get this on one Tuesday with my bae <3

other ideaas..

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Never Grow Up ✨

Semicolon on my wrist..

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Anxiety/Depression Masterlist

All right lovelies, time for some stuff that is guaranteed to cheer you up and calm you down. None of these are cures of course, but they have helped me and others while dealing with those days where our various mental illnesses won’t calm tf down.

Upset? Try playing one of these.

Calming sounds and music.

Need help coping? Get support and assistance here 🙂

Note: I will be updating this as often as I can, so check back! I’ll be adding more topics and resources, as well as many other things. If you’d like, leave me a message in my ask and I’ll write down your URL and notify you when I update 🙂

Please spread this, I want to help as many people as possible. And if you notice a broken link please let me know!

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My Cats: Oreo & Dexter

My cat is named “Oreo” and my brother owns his brother “Dexter“. :3

Both are generic cialis new zealand born on the 10th of June 2013 and we got them on the 29th August 2013 diflucan online prescriptionfluconazole cost walmart from a old lady with two cats that accidental got kitten.

Their mom is black and super little and small and Persian. Their dad is Persian too but super big and really fat and white like snow.

Oreo is so little and kinda fat. He sleeps shipping extra super cialis and generic zoloft side effects100mg of zoloft for anxiety eats zyban generic buy zyban online canada most of the time. He’s kinda white with black accents. He’s super sensitive and got hurt two times when he was outside.

Dexter is kinda big and super lean. He loves to be outside, run, play and preys a lot of mouse and rabbits. He’s more black then white.

They are so different and still brothers. They love to cuddle together but also fight..

I love them anyway :3

Dexter :3

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Baby Oreo
Baby Dexter

My Guinea Pig “Cookie Core”

I want to blog more personal stuff and I forgot to tell you guys I have a new guinea pig.

Her name is Cookie Core but I also call her Cookie.

I got her on the 2th of may 2015 when she was about 8 weeks old.

She’s a texel & alpaca mix.

Her hair is so cute, soft, fluffy and long!

She is super cute, shy and moves a lot for a guinea pig. ^.^

The guy in the shop told me she’s pregnant but she wasn’t, she is just curvy.

She likes other pets, cuddles with me & my cat and likes to chew on my hair. :3

I love her <3



I am tattooed now, bitch! Soooo happy and it’s so perfect.. doxycycline generic cost doxycycline expensive cheap doxycycline uk doxycycline nausea doxycycline for sale online doxycycline cost uk ___ 🙂

I thought the pain would be worse, it only burned a bit and after it I only felt it when someone really grabbed on it! And I lost a few little flaps of skin with too much ink (what is pretty normal).

I got it on Friday and it’s already healed & it doesn’t hurt anymore. I love my wound healing! buying doxycycline online buy doxycycline antibiotics online doxycycline 200 mg doxycycline liquid

I know some people think it’s mainstream or that I will regret it but guess what? I don’t care!

BTW I will get my next tattoo in 2 weeks! I want so many tattoos I can’t decide which one next! 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🙂 :*

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4 Important Facts About BEES!

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  1. 1. Do not kill bees, they aren’t trying to hurt you and rarely sting (because they die if they sting) chances are they’re buzzing around you because you’re wearing a bright color and they think you’re a flower
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  3. 2. If you see one on the ground, it’s probably not dead, try feeding it some sugar water or put it on a flower so it can get energy
  4. 3. Put bee friendly flowers in your garden so they have lots of pollen and maybe put a bee house too
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  6. 4. If you have a bees nest in your attic/garden/shed etc, don’t call an exterminator! Call a bee keeper instead so they can be re-homed rather than being killed

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Bees are very important and must be looked after! Without bees, humans wouldn’t survive! 🙂

Pooh Bear

[Glaring Photography] Kostenlose Fotoshooting Events!

KOMMENDE EVENTS: Auf meiner Facebook-Seite!

Zu einem Fotoshooting Event ist jedes Model eingeladen, das Interesse hat 🙂
Perfekt wären Menschen die Spaß daran haben vor der Kamera zu stehen und eine schöne Ausstrahlung haben.
Sehr gerne auch Schwangere, doxycycline price at walgreens cost of doxycycline hyclate 100mg generic doxycycline price of doxycycline 100 mg at walmart Babys, Kinder, Paare, Familien, doxycycline hyclate 100mg online order doxycycline hyclate online Amateurmodels price of doxycycline at walgreens doxycycline for rats online oder Leute die nicht die “perfekte” Figur haben. Außerdem sind auch Tiere willkommen! 🙂
Ich würde euch gerne außergewöhnlich fotografieren und so unwiederbringliche Erinnerungen festhalten. (:

Ich würde euch außerdem sehr gerne helfen Fotoideen doxycycline price rite aid doxycycline for malaria umzusetzen und dadurch individuelle & einzigartige Potraits zu erschaffen. Also wenn du kreativ bist und schon Ideen mitbringst, umso besser!

Bei so einem öffentlichem Event lernen wir uns kennen, machen viele Einzelfotos als auch evtl. ein paar Gruppenfotos und helfen uns auch mal gegenseitig. Es herrscht eine sehr lustige, familiäre Stimmung. Bei voriger Anmeldung kann man auch einfach so kommen, ein paar Fotos machen lassen und wieder gehen.

Bitte den Vertrag, Wechselkleidung, Make-Up/Stylingprodukte und Requisiten mitbringen und außerdem Verpflegung! Du kannst auch sehr gerne eine Begleitperson mitbringen.

Außerdem sind wer auch auf der Suche nach Lehrlingen die mich assistieren und die Fotografie oder Make-Up erlernen wollen!

Professionelles Make-Up ist gegen eine kleine Gebühr möglich!

Das Rechtliche werden wir mit einem TFP-Vertrag regeln. Das Shooting ist komplett kostenlos!

Anmelden bitte über WhatsApp und der FB Veranstaltung beitreten!

Handynummerr: +49 15737540272 cheapest price for doxycycline doxycycline cost


You don’t take a photograph. You make it.

You don’t take a photograph. You make it.