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  1. 1. Do not kill bees, they aren’t trying to hurt you and rarely sting (because they die if they sting) chances are they’re buzzing around you because you’re wearing a bright color and they think you’re a flower
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  3. 2. If you see one on the ground, it’s probably not dead, try feeding it some sugar water or put it on a flower so it can get energy
  4. 3. Put bee friendly flowers in your garden so they have lots of pollen and maybe put a bee house too
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  6. 4. If you have a bees nest in your attic/garden/shed etc, don’t call an exterminator! Call a bee keeper instead so they can be re-homed rather than being killed

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Bees are very important and must be looked after! Without bees, humans wouldn’t survive! 🙂

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