Lioness Finger Tattoo! ^-^

Yesterday I got my second tattoo! ___

It’s a lioness on my left forefinger! 🙂

My bae got a matching tattoo (a lion) on hist right forefinger! c:

Pain?  It kinda hurt and was kind of a burning pain put okay, not so extreme. But it really hurt on the bone.

Time? My lioness took about 80 minutes. The lion about 90.

Colors? Its’ black, shades of grey and white. 🙂

Price? I didn’t paid for it because the artist is a good friend of mine <3

Design? We used real lion photographs.

Meaning? My zodiac sign is leo. I got matching ones with my bae. Also a lioness embody several traits like strength, justice, courage, bravery, motherhood, leadership and royalty. 🙂

After it & now? After the inking it hurt to fold the hand and hurt like a bad sunburn. Now, 18 hours after it I don’t really feel it anymore, just a slightly burning pain and it hurts really bad when I accidentally scratch it.

Aftercare? I put antiseptic rash cream (Bepanthen) three times a day on it and clean it anyway when I wash my hands. 🙂

If you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂

Next Tattoo in 2 weeks! :3

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I also got my old tattoo inked again because it kinda turned grey ^.^

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