Here’s Your Sign

If you’re feeling like everything is falling apart, please,

feel my hug,

receive my love,

know you and your life are precious

see how many people care,

hold on,

keep fighting,

forgive yourself,

stop waiting for apologizes,

ask for help,




get mad,

get furious,

tell yourself you’re done feeling this way,

tell yourself you deserve better,

tell yourself you are important,

tell yourself you have a purpose,

understand you’re not alone,

you are not the only one who has felt this way,

remember the time you were a little child

and you thought there were monsters under your bed, in your closet,

talk yourself out of that fear,

reassure that child,

be the person you want that little child to be,


cry some more,

cry tears of joy,

because you have finally realized that you are worth it,

you are worth dying for,

you are worth living for,

you have worth,

you are loved,

and you will help others.

Your sad journey has ended, and now, your new adventure begins.

How boring life would be if there weren’t any battles.

Take a Deep Breath. Smile. Be Patient With Yourself. Now Go Live.


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Why be Kind?

1. Everyone is struggling in one way or another, and it makes a huge difference when someone’s kind to us.
2. It improves your mood, and enhances self esteem. It is, therefore, good for your own mental health.
3. Kindness is innate – it’s at the heart of who we are. Thus, we’re being more authentic when we choose to be kind.
4. Kindness is contagious and will likely ripple out, so the others in your world will be inspired to be kind, too.
5. It builds connections with others so we feel much less alone, more cared for, more connected, more valued and more loved.

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The best 4 Way to Deal With Boredom

Hey guys! It’s summer, so a lot of us are out of school. I’ve noticed I have a habit of getting bored and feeling unproductive when I’m on break, which really doesn’t help  anxiety/depression. I’ve learned a few things over the years to help myself get out of the rut.

1. Make Plans. Even going  to get coffee with a friend for 30 minutes can help me feel productive, and it gets me out of he house. Leaving the house is often half the battle.

2. Get Ready. I’ve found dressing somewhat nicely helps me to feel better in general. If hair and makeup  is your thing, doing beauty  tutorials off of Youtube is fun and time consuming (and gets your mind focused on something).

3. Clean out something. Cleaning things out really gets my mind on something and stops me from feeling gross like I do after a day of Netflix. It’s also nice because something gets done.

4. Go somewhere by yourself. Even just bringing my laptop to a coffee shop and going on Tumblr makes me feel better than doing it alone in my room. Also, I’m more likely to get work done (applications, emails, etc) if I’m not in my houseUntitled

My Main Coon Kittens ^-^

We got two kittens on Tuesday!

They are cousins and Main Coons!

The black girl with those big anime eyes and big ears is 6 week old and was named Mica (she sayed it’ romain for little one) she was the thinnest and smallest of all the kittens :3

I wanted to name her somethings funny like Espresso, Coke, Cola, Blackberry, Chocolate or Nutella but then I wanted something elegant and sexy but not like Chanel or something so I decided to name her Calypso.

Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology. The etymology of Calypso’s name is from καλύπτω (kalyptō), meaning “to cover”, “to conceal”, “to hide”, or “to deceive”.[11] According to Etymologicum Magnum her name means καλύπτουσα το διανοούμενον (kalýptousa to dianooúmenon), i.e. “concealing the knowledge”, which combined with the Homeric epithet δολόεσσα (dolóessa), meaning subtle or wily, justifies the hermetic character of Calypso and her island. καλύπτω is derived from Proto-Indo-European *ḱel-, making it cognate with the English word Hell.

Anyway she is super cute, smart and fluffy.

The calico is only 4 weeks old and my bae wanted her since he saw a photo of her and named her Kyoshi. She is super cute, always hungry and so clumsy.

Their breeder was so nice and cute, she really loved them and gave us their favorite ball with them and I am still in contact with her.

You can see more photos and a lot of videos on my Instagram and Snapchat @DiinaDaring!