Here’s Your Sign

If you’re feeling like everything is falling apart, please,

feel my hug,

receive my love,

know you and your life are precious

see how many people care,

hold on,

keep fighting,

forgive yourself,

stop waiting for apologizes,

ask for help,




get mad,

get furious,

tell yourself you’re done feeling this way,

tell yourself you deserve better,

tell yourself you are important,

tell yourself you have a purpose,

understand you’re not alone,

you are not the only one who has felt this way,

remember the time you were a little child

and you thought there were monsters under your bed, in your closet,

talk yourself out of that fear,

reassure that child,

be the person you want that little child to be,


cry some more,

cry tears of joy,

because you have finally realized that you are worth it,

you are worth dying for,

you are worth living for,

you have worth,

you are loved,

and you will help others.

Your sad journey has ended, and now, your new adventure begins.

How boring life would be if there weren’t any battles.

Take a Deep Breath. Smile. Be Patient With Yourself. Now Go Live.


The best 4 Way to Deal With Boredom

Hey guys! It’s summer, so a lot of us are out of school. I’ve noticed I have a habit of getting bored and feeling unproductive when I’m on break, which really doesn’t help  anxiety/depression. I’ve learned a few things over the years to help myself get out of the rut.

1. Make Plans. Even going  to get coffee with a friend for 30 minutes can help me feel productive, and it gets me out of he house. Leaving the house is often half the battle.

2. Get Ready. I’ve found dressing somewhat nicely helps me to feel better in general. If hair and makeup  is your thing, doing beauty  tutorials off of Youtube is fun and time consuming (and gets your mind focused on something).

3. Clean out something. Cleaning things out really gets my mind on something and stops me from feeling gross like I do after a day of Netflix. It’s also nice because something gets done.

4. Go somewhere by yourself. Even just bringing my laptop to a coffee shop and going on Tumblr makes me feel better than doing it alone in my room. Also, I’m more likely to get work done (applications, emails, etc) if I’m not in my houseUntitled

Tips & Advice for all Young Girls :)

I know being a teen is weird and strange and you want to grow up but trust me being an adult is so stressful. I was 13 year old when I created this blog, I know some of you read my since like it and I changed so much and still love to read the shit I though and did 4 years ago 😀

A lot of you cuties are 10-14 years old and female so why shouldn’t I help you a bit 🙂

So this is to all the young girls that follow me:

  • If you think her skirt is cute, tell her
  • Be nice to your parents, you will need their money and help..
  • Don’t think you need to have sex, a boyfriend or whatever just because all the other girls are like it..
  • Write a diary so you will remember everything when you are old and have children yourself 🙂
  • Take a lot of photos.. you will love to watch them later because it will remind you of all the good time
  • Don’t care about what your classmates or anyone says.. Believe in yourself and never mind what they think you should do and be
  • If you have a relationship now, it will probably not be the relationship in 5 years from now.
  • Eat healthy stuff! I know broccoli tastes like crap but you need that vitamins!
  • The guy that you have a crush on probably doesn’t take enough showersLiking 1D, justin bieber or taylor swift isn’t embarrassing. don’t hide it.
  • Draw draw draw! You’ll be happy to have the skill later on
  • Do your homework it’ll help with stress and I am sorry but a good degree is important..
  • Body changes, body hair and mood swings are normal
  • Don’t let Disney fuck your brain. There are no princes.
  • Don’t take anything to seriously.
  • Don’t stress about being pretty, thin or having big boobies. You will look so different in 10 years.
  • Help other people 🙂
  • Find your passion and become better everyday!
  • After high school you probably don’t really wanna see anyone of them again.
  • When you’re overwhelmed you should run. It makes you feel better.
  • If you get bullied or feel depressed to talk to someone..
  • Be a good girl.. Stay safe and don’t drink too much alcohol and don’t do drugs.. That’s what college is for 😀
  • Your first love and kiss will come. Don’t stress.
  • Don’t start cutting no matter how afraid you are.. Hurting yourself is never ok!
  • If that shirt doesn’t fit you it doesn’t matter.. Wear what you like
  • No one is as confident or great as they seem to be
  • Be nice to your teachers. You need good grades so you won’t work at McDonald’s like your classmates who call you a nerd
  • Hug the people you love and show them how important they are to you
  • I know that your life is weird right now and it will get better
  • I promise in a few years you will look back and laugh 😀

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50 Best Snacks Under 50 Calories

Satisfy your sweet tooth

  1. 1⁄2 medium apple, baked, topped with 1 Tbsp lowfat yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon (45 calories)
  2. 1⁄2 small banana, frozen (45 calories)

  3. 4 oz unsweetened applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon (49 calories)

  4. 1 miniature box of raisins (45 calories)

  5. 2 sugar-free ice pops (30 calories)

  6. 1 sugar-free fudge ice pop (35 calories)

  7. 12 cherries (48 calories)

  8. 1 individual serving sugar-free gelatin with 3 Tbsp light whipped topping (40 calories)

  9. 1⁄2 cup strawberries with 21⁄2 Tbsp nonfat yogurt (47 calories)

  10. 14 seedless red grapes, frozen (48 calories)

Indulge a salt craving

  1. 11⁄2 cups salted air-popped popcorn (46 calories)
  2. 1⁄4 cup shelled edamame with sea salt (37 calories)
  3. 8 oz miso soup (36 calories)
  4. 1 pretzel rod (37 calories)
  5. 1⁄4 small bag of Glenny’s lightly salted soy crisps (35 calories)
  6. 1 medium sliced cucumber mixed with 1⁄4 cup sliced onion, 1⁄2 cup chopped celery, 4 Tbsp vinegar and salt to taste (45 calories)
  7. 6 oz eight-vegetable juice (39 calories)
  8. 1 kosher dill pickle (10 calories)

Crunch and munch

  1. 1⁄2 cup jicama with 4 oz salsa (49.5 calories)
  2. 11⁄2 cups sugar snap peas (40 calories)
  3. Small celery stalk smeared with 1⁄2 Tbsp natural peanut butter (49 calories)
  4. 1⁄2 small apple with 1 tsp soy butter (46 calories)
  5. 1 brown rice cake with 1 Tbsp sugar-free jam (44 calories)

Smooth and creamy

  1. 1 Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb wedge spread on cucumber slices (35 calories)
  2. 1 tsp almond butter (34 calories)
  3. 1⁄2 cup fat-free Greek yogurt with 1 tsp sugar-free strawberry jam (43 calories)
  4. 1 oz avocado (about 1⁄8 of an avocado) squirted with lime (45 calories)
  5. 8 grape tomatoes dipped in 1 Tbsp light cream cheese (46 calories)

Cheesy whizzes

  1. 6 pieces of endive filled with 1⁄2 oz reduced-fat feta cheese (49 calories)
  2. 1 slice fat-free American cheese (30 calories)
  3. 1 large tomato, sliced, topped with 1 Tbsp Parmesan, broiled (44 calories)
  4. 1 oz fat-free cottage cheese on 1 slice caraway Finn Crisp Crispbread (38 calories)
  5. 1 oz fat-free mozzarella dipped in 1 tsp marinara sauce (46 calories)

Power up on protein

  1. Turkey rollups: 2 slices white meat turkey rolled in 2 lettuce leaves (46 calories)
  2. 1 oz smoked salmon (about 1 slice) on 2 Wheat Thins crackers (Multi-Grain) (48 calories)
  3. 1 tofu dog with 1 Tbsp sauerkraut (48 calories)
  4. 1⁄2 cup plain fat-free yogurt sprinkled with 1 tsp sunflower seeds (49.6 calories)
  5. 1.3 oz water-packed tuna with 1 tsp Dijon mustard (48 calories)
  6. 2 large hard-cooked egg whites with 1 cup sliced cucumber (48 calories)
  7. 1 slice Wasa Fibre Crispbread with 2 tsp hummus (45 calories)
  8. 1 medium water-packed sardine with slice of red onion (35 calories)

Solid standbys

  1. 1⁄2 cup melon with 2 Tbsp 1% cottage cheese (47 calories)
  2. 1⁄2 small grapefruit (32 calories)
  3. 1⁄3 cup blueberries with 1 Tbsp light sour cream (47 calories)
  4. 1⁄2 cup carrots with 1 Tbsp light ranch dressing (45 calories)

Thirst quenchers

  1. 1⁄2 cup nonfat milk with 1 Tbsp Walden Farms calorie-free chocolate syrup (40 calories)
  2. 1 packet of sugar-free hot chocolate made with 1⁄4 cup skim milk and 3⁄4 cup hot water (47 calories)
  3. 3⁄4 cup almond milk (45 calories)
  4. 3⁄4 cup seltzer with 1⁄4 cup cranberry juice and a lime wedge (33 calories)
  5. Homemade iced green tea (with artificial sweetener if desired) (0 calories)

What low calorie snacks do you know and like? 🙂

Snacks under 100 Calories

Beautiful Inspiration

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Fastest and Best Way To Make Apple Chips in the Microwave

I love apples and apple chips are my favorite way of eating them.

Ingredients / You need:

  • As much Apples as you want
  • Baking Paper
  • Microwave 😉
  • Spices (optional)


  1. Wash the apples
  2. Optionally, you may peel and/or remove the apple cores
  3. Slice them extremely thin
  4. Lay out on baking paper
  5. Sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar, stevia, or whatever you like
  6. Microwave themfor 3-5 minutes
  7. Turn them around and optional change the baking paper
  8. Microwave them again till they are crispy
  9. Remove from the microwave and let them cool
  10. Eat them or store them in a airtight container

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Important Weight Loss Tips & Exapmles

Fact 1: Whether you lose weight or not depends almost entirely on whether you’re eating less calories than you need to maintain your weight. The number of calories needed to maintain your weight depends on your metabolism. Eating less calories than you need is called ‘calorie deficit.’

Example 1: If Jill has a 1500 calorie a day metabolism, then eating less than 1500 calories a day will usually make Jill lose weight, and eating more than 1500 calories a day will make Jill gain weight. If Jill eats 1200 calories in a day, Jill will have a 300 calorie deficit.

Fact 2: Your body has two main sources of stored energy; fat and glycogen. Glycogen is a form of carbohydrate, and it provides four calories per gram. It also soaks up more than its own weight in water. When you first start cutting calories (or carbs), you will consume your glycogen stores and they will steadily be diminished. This will cause rapid weight loss – which will continue for a few days (or over a week if you’re only cutting calories slightly). This rapid weight loss will give you a buzz of satisfaction – but very little actual body fat will be lost during this phase.

Example 2: If Jack weighs 75 kg and has a 2500 calorie a day metabolism, and his body has 500 grams of stored glycogen, and Jack cuts down to 1500 calories a day, then Jack will consume all of his glycogen stores within two days and lose 500 grams of stored carbohydrates and about a kilogram of water. After two days on diet, Jack will be down to 73.5 kg. But Jack will have just as much body fat as when he started, and when he starts eating more and his glycogen stores recover, he’ll put those 1.5 kg back on as soon as he’s gone 2000 calories over his maintenance intake.

Fact 3: Every kilogram of body fat has about 7700 calories. In other words, you have to burn 7700 calories more than you eat to lose a kilogram of body fat. And once your glycogen stores are eliminated, body fat will be your primary fuel source. This will make weight loss excruciatingly slow for people who expect the same results during prolonged dieting that they expected during the initial phase.

Example 3: Jack is still eating 1500 calories a day and is having a 1000 calorie a day deficit because he needs 1000 more to maintain. He’s eating 40% less food than he needs. But it’s going to take Jack nearly 8 days to get from 73.5 kg down to 72.5 kg, because that’s how long it will take for his 1000 calorie a day deficit to add up to 7700. Jack is only going to lose 130 grams of fat a day.

Fact 4: Most nutritionists recommend a calorie intake of 2000 a day for females and 2500 a day for males. This is arbitrary and based on averages; your need may be lower or higher.

Example 4: Jez has an eating disorder and regularly posts on MPA. Jez has a 4000 calorie a day metabolism, for reasons which he has never been able to ascertain, but he loses weight on anything less than 3700 a day and usually takes about 4300+ a day to gain anything. Jez burns 1500 calories a day more than an average adult male. However, Jez’s girlfriend only has a 1200 calorie a day metabolism, eats much smaller meals than he does, and burns 800 calories a day less than an average adult female. Both are atypical, but prove that there are extreme ends of both scales.

Fact 5: Once your glycogen deposits are depleted and it takes a 770 calorie deficit to lose 100 grams of fat, water and poop weight have more of an effect on your daily scale results than how much or how little you’re eating.

Example 5: Jane has a 1700 calorie a day metabolism, and she only ate 550 calories yesterday. She lost 150 grams of body fat, but drank about 200 grams more water than she peed out before weighing herself this morning. She also didn’t poop today, and has about 100 grams of poop in her digestive tract. So even after starving all day yesterday, Jane weighs 150 grams more on the scale. She is incredibly disappointed, and starts a thread on MPA asking what’s wrong.

Fact 6: Once you’ve depleted your fat stores, your body has one last ditch energy source to keep itself from shutting down; the protein that makes up your muscles and internal organs. This protein provides about 4 calories per gram – processed inefficiently – and carries water with it. At this point, weight loss once again becomes rapid and body tissues begin to waste away very quickly. Death usually occurs within a week or two unless calorie deficit ceases.

Example 6: Karen suffers from anorexia nervosa. Karen has a 1000 calorie a day metabolism, and is unable to eat due to the severity of her eating disorder. Karen ran out of stored fat tissue a week ago, and to provide her 1000 calories a day she has had to metabolise 250 grams a day of her own muscles and vital organs. Karen died today of heart failure because the tissues that made up her cardiac had been digested in lieu of food.

Please apply some of this information to your diets, avoid making too many unnecessary tip threads and consider the effects of long term starvation.


Maintainning the weight you lost after a mono diet will be very easy as long as you eat food that are easy to digestand take a short time to be completely digested the first days after your mono diet is over.
Generally after a mono diet you should restrict to your usual calorie limit. Eat after the diet not more than you ate before it and treat it like a fast.

You should know that:

Fatty foods are harder to digest and can cause stomach pain and heartburn.
Probiotics are our friends.
Foods very rich in protein should be avoided, as protein demands a lot of time to e digested.
Foods high in fibre or fat should be avoided.


Stay away from:
  • Fried food
  • Chilli
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Beans
  • Dry nuts
  • Crackers
  • Berries with Seeds
  • Corn


Many of you message me and ask me what foods do I recommend after a mono diet. Here is a safe food list that may help you.

Safe foods:

Green leafy Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes
White Bread
White Rice
Soup and Porridge
Cranberry juice
Raspberry juice
Fruit Nectars
Asparagus tips
Alfalfa sprouts
Potatoes (prepared in a low-fat fashion and without skin)
Rice pudding
Room temperature smoothie without dairy or nuts
Almond milk
Cooked Vegetables

Tips that make digestion easier:

Gentle exercise after a meal can also improve digestion.
Eat smaller meals more frequently. Many people find that eating five to six small meals throughout the day helps to prevent digestive issues.
Mashing food before eating can also make it easier to digest.
Drink a lot of water throughout the day in order to flush your system.

Fat-Burning Foods Are Delicious and Beneficial to One's Weight reduction

Smoothie Recipes For Everything

Smoothie Recipes For Everything infographic

Who knew that the solution to most our problems could be solved with a smoothie?! Smoothie Recipes For Everythinginfographic from Super Skinny Me gives you the ingredients and visually represents the amount of each that should put in. Trying to lose weight? Want to de-stress? Or maybe just want a bedtime drink. This infographic has it all.

Is there anything as versatile, adaptable and convenient as a smoothie? I doubt it. Nor are there many things as universally beloved.  Smoothies are scrumptious, indulgent concoctions that tickle the taste buds and, inexplicably, with every sip make you feel just a little bit happier and make the world a little bit friendlier. The smoothie is so much greater than the sum of it’s parts. And just to prove the smoothie can do no wrong, it can actually make you more awesome too.

Smoothies contain a smorgasbord of ingredients, and depending on what you throw in, smoothies can ascend from mere flavorsome delight and sweet-tooth satisfier to the dizzying heights of muscle-building, energizing, health-enhancing superdrink. Why eat just one superfood, when you can combine a load of goodness into one easily digestible drink? Plus, it’s super quick and absurdly easy to prepare, making it weirdly efficient not just nutritionally, but generally. Created in the 1940’s, but perfectly designed for 21st century living.

Smoothies can be tailored to suit your own needs. And while the flavors are virtually limitless, don’t just think about taste, but also why you’re making it. Do you want to lose weight or perhaps build muscle? Do you need a pick-me up or extra energy to power through an intense workout? Had a bad day and want to wind down? Or maybe you can’t get to sleep. With a little smoothie science, you can easily make a smoothie that doesn’t just taste good (or look pretty), but actually does something.

The major issue I have with this design is that the proportions visualized for each smoothie aren’t accurate to the recipe.  The sections are sized to fit the text, and have no relationship to the data.  Big mistake!

Also, the actual amounts of each ingredient aren’t shown.  The recipes are on the infographic landing page in the text portion, but aren’t included in the infographic itself.  The issue with infographics is that they need to include the complete information because they are shared all by themselves, without any accompanying description text.

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The hour we usually spend at the gym is not that efficient. Sure we lift some weights and get in some cardio, but we also watch whatever is on TV, scroll around on our iPhones, and generally don’t push ourselves all that hard. Not only is this Scientific 7-Minute Workout quicker, you don’t need anything besides a chair and a wall to do it. Originally published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal, the workout is tough, but it’s also over in less time than it takes to even get to the gym in the first place. Each move should be done at a high intensity for 30 seconds with a 10 second break in between.