(Deutsch) Oma ~ Ruhe in Frieden

Meine Oma ist gestern Nacht verstorben und irgendwie habe ich es geahnt. War den ganzen Abend und die Nacht schlecht drauf, habe geheult und war total verwirrt. Keine Ahnung ob es nun Bauchgefühl oder Zufall war.. Das sie bald stirbt war so wieso klar, da sie 88 Jahre alt war und seit Wochen im Krankenhaus lag..
Woran sie genau starb weiss ich immer noch nicht und sonst weiß ich nur, dass die Beerdigung am Dienstag ist. Meine Familie ist so was von verstritten und das zeigt sich gerade mal wieder.
Meine Oma war allerdings eine der Personen die ich am meisten aus der Familie gemocht habe. Sie war toll, so typisch Oma. Ruhig, verliebt in Brettspiele und ihre Enkelkinder regelrecht zu mesten. 😀

Ich bin ihr dankbar für alles. Sie war eine tolle Frau und hat mich auch zu dem Menschen gemacht, der ich jetzt bin. Ich werde sie und die ganzen tollen Momente mit ihr (Weihnachten als Kind..) nie vergessen..

Ich liebe dich Oma!

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Blogging again?

Okay, I know that I haven’t written a lot on this Blog this year and I am really sorry for that. I have had a lot of troubles and then there is this problem with my lack of creativity. To be honest I have thought of quitting because I lack the time and the ideas to let this blog live on and I am sure every blogger of you has had the feeling that what you are doing is for nothing and that you are just wasting your time. (Wow that sounds kind of depressing…)
But my blog is also a part of me and I also need a “task”. And I don’t mean that I want to distract myself with this task, it’s just something that I can call my own. A project that is 100% “me” and is a reflection of my thoughts. Everything else is a waste of time in my eyes and with this blog I can at least reread the things that I have “wasted” my time with.

If it’s possible I don’t want to let this blog die. My big problem is just that I don’t know what to upload so be prepared to see a lot of brain-barf. I also neglect my photography work for half a year now. At first I couldn’t photograph because I didn’t have a camera and then I kind of wasn’t accustomed to it anymore. I hope that I will start photographing more again and I also have a lot of edited and non-edited pictures which I can upload.

It’s strange how fast this year has passed. When I read the blog post of January I wouldn’t have thought that I wrote this whole 10 months ago. A lot happened this year and I made a lot of experiences. (That’s the nice form of “So much shit that shouldn’t have happened.”, right?)

It was hard for me to start blogging again. I sat here for over 14 hours and did almost anything just to not have a reason to blog something. The weeks before that I thought about what I would write… without any results. Now I know: brain-barf. Instead of troubling my family with it I will write it down here and laugh about how crazy I was when I’m 80 and own a hovering Ipad. (Does anyone notice that I had 2,5 liters Coca-Cola Zero, a glass of Pepsi and 3 liters of Schwip Schwap to drink over the night?)

So as a conclusion you could say that it’s a kind of hate-love relationship between my blog and me. I don’t quite understand it myself so I don’t except you to understand it. If you’re interested or amused by my crazy stuff read it and if not be upset and hate me anonymously. 😀

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