FINALLY 18! Thoughts, blogging stuff…

Heeeey guys! I love to do this kind of personal blog posts where I just write down what happend and what I am feeling, so here we goo….

I finally turned 18 on the 17. August and it feels so great doing whatever I wanna do. The party was great (even though it could have been better) but my phone charger didn’t really work so I couldn’t take photos on my birthday but I took a few on the next day. :3

I couldn’t wait to get my own flat & start my own business so being 18 changes a lot. 🙂 More about this in the next few blog posts. 🙂

Guess who is finally 18 ???? my birthday was two days ago but I was to busy to post stuff ?? thank you for everything ?☺️ #diinadaring #me #selfie #grunge #leggings #rippedpants #gothic #scene #birthday #snapchat #alternative (hier: Königsallee...

BTW my old domain provider sucks that’s why I got a second domain ( just in case they wanna annoy me again! They also deleted a lot of my old blogposts, photos and all comments on my blog and want me to pay more than agreed. Basta***!

So pls save the new domain :3

The new mail address is feel free to mail me 🙂

My goal is to blog at least every other day! Please suggest topics 🙂

Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the next 365 Days

Day 1 of my 365 Days, 365 Blog Posts Challenge is “Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself”! And I already forget to post it and I am writing it at midnight haha I hope it becomes a habit to just blog daily without thinking about it!

I really hope all of you had a gread easter season and an amazing weekend! 🙂

I thought I would just do a list of my Dreams & Plans 🙂
    • Own Piercing / Photography Studio
    • New Camera
    • New Notebook
    • Photograph a lot & taking a lot of selfies
    • Learn tattooing
    • Grow my hair long, thick and healthy and keep it black (Hair Routine 2016)
    • Get Ombre Hair Extensions
    • Get perfect eyebrows haha
  • Maybe get kittens
  • Publish at least one blog post daily 😉
  • Be more active on instagram, snappy…
  • Meet lot of nice people & see a lot of old friends again
  • Get a lot of new piercing and tattoos!
  • Get a new wordpress colocation because my current one sucks
  • Become healthier & fitter!
  • Become rich and famous (don’t ask me how haha)
  • Have a nice time 🙂
  • .. I think this is the most imporant stuff haha 😀

And here are a few random selfies 😀 I took them a week ago with my new extensions 🙂

Cinnamon is growing so fast omg
My hair kinda looks weird on this haha

Tomorrow: Something that’s illegal but you think it should be legal

Feel free to write about this too and tell me your goals and plans in the comments! 🙂


I created a doodle and photo challenge for you. 🙂
You don’t know how long it took to think it out and write in german and english. About 4-6 hours. 😀
I’ll enter my own challenge. I will take photos. The photographer Fabius and the artists Toni, Gabi, Michi and Tammy will enter the challenge too. I know them all well and I’m sure most of you will like their artwork too.
I hope the artits and me will get round to draw and photograph every day. I will show you daily our concepts of these topics in a blog post.

Everyone who would like to enter can send me their photos or upload them on their own blog. If you enter, please establish a link to my blog or to this post and maybe paste the picture.
There are no rules! The words should be only a inspiration, it’s your decision what you make of it.
There is no wrong or righ, only different views! :3

Today is the 1st December so the challenge begins! I will show you later our photos & drawings to today’s topic “drink”. 🙂

I wish you a wonderful first Advent! 
I hope you like the idea, maybe enter and check out my blog daily!


Ich habe für euch eine Zeichnen und Fotografie Challenge erstellt. 🙂
Ihr habt keine Ahnung, wie lange ich gebraucht habe, um mir es auszudenken und es dann noch auf deutsch und englisch zu schreiben. So ungefähr 4-6 Stunden. 😀

Ich selbst mache meine eigene Challenge auch mit, in dem ich Fotos mache. Aber nicht nur ich, sondern auch der Fotograf Fabius und die Künstler Toni, Gabi, Michi und Tammy. Ich kenne alle fünf sehr gut und bin mir sicher, dass die Meisten von euch ihre Werke genauso toll finden werden, wie ich.
Ich hoffe, dass die fünf Künstler und ich es schaffen jeden Tag Fotos zu machen/zu zeichnen. Unsere Auffassungen der Themen versuche ich euch täglich in einem Blog Post zu zeigen.

Jeder, der will kann gerne mitmachen und mir die Bilder schicken oder auf seinen eigenen Blog stellen. Wenn ihr mitmacht verlinkt bitte meinen Blog oder am besten diesen Blog Post und fügt eventuell das Bild ein.
Es gibt keine Regeln! Die Wörter sollen nur eine Inspiration sein, was ihr daraus macht überlasse ich euch. Es gibt kein Richtig und kein Falsch, nur unterschiedliche Sichtweisen! :3

Da heute der 1. Dezember ist geht es schon direkt mit der Challenge los! Unsere Fotos & Zeichnungen zu dem heutigem Thema “Getränk” zeige ich euch später. 🙂

Ich wünsche euch einen schönen ersten Advent!
Ich hoffe, euch gefällt die Idee, macht vielleicht selbst mit und schaut täglich auf meinem Blog vorbei!