First Post of 2016! Some Stuff you Should know!

Hey guys 🙂

I hope 2016 was and is good to you!

It’s so unbelievable that it is already 2016 o: I will turn 18 this year omgggg I can’t wait
Some Important stuff you should know:

My ipad, iPhone, laptop and camera don’t work anymore so it’s really hard to write and photograph at the moment.

I switched to wordpress a year ago and I still hate it (or better said it still hates me).

So I will mainly blog on my Tumblr Blog because it’s easier to write, I can write on my iPhone and I have more followers there. And I will mainyl blog english.

My tumblr is:

Please check it out & follow me!

I created a photo challenge ( #20SnapsADay ) and I would be happy if you join!

I will also be more active on snapchat & instagram and do Giveaways! Username: @DiinaDaring 

Some other stuff that might interest you:

I have 9 tattoos at the moment and a lot more will come. Check out my tumblr or insta to see them.

I live in Osnabrück (Germany) now My mom still tries to ruin my life.

My hair is dark black and I will never ever bleach it again and will treat it really good from now on. And I will get (ombre?) Highlights soon. You can suggest me colors. 🙂

I want to lose weight and get healthier but Pizza & Nutella is life.

My Cats Cinnamon & Calypso are fine and 6 months old now!

My new Facebook is Dina Löwenstern (Diina Daring) and you can add me, if you want to! 🙂


Snapchat Giveaways!

From time to time I do Giveaways on my Snapchat @DiinaDaring. I giveaway so much awesome stuff and I know so many of you are happy about it.

I did a giveaway on tumblr once and it was so difficult to overlook it because likes and reblogs and meh.

I will try to do a lot of giveaways and have already a lot of stuff for the upcoming weeks! 🙂

So sometimes I just do giveaways without any reason, sometimes because of a holiday and sometimes it’s the price for the best Snap I got for #SnapDiina.

So it’s pretty easy.

  • I post whatever I raffle off.
  • Anyone who wants a chance to win should just snap a photo with “@DiinaDaring |” Or “Giveaway! @DiinaDaring |” written on it.
  • If it’s the gift for the best #SnapDiina you have a task/topic what you should photograph and should justwrite “#SnapDiina” on it.
  • Then you just post this snap on your story and send it to me @DiinaDaring.
  • Everybody just once! 🙂
  • If it’s a normal giveaway (not #SnapDiina) a program randomly uses the winner after 24h and I write the winner! 🙂

Easy right? 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

If you know anything I could giveaway please tell me! I am always happy about suggestions, ideas and questions.

Uh and I am always looking for sponsors. Who pay the stuff I giveaway for their promotion. If you are interested just contact me. 🙂

I am using ASK.FM again! #AskDiina

About two years ago I stopped using because of all the hate unnecessary stuff people asked me. But I am using it again because it’s the easiest way for you to tell and ask me stuff and some of you requested it!

I will answer some important/good/inspiring/interesting questions with a long answer on my blog. I will try to answer as much as possible but don’t get mad at mem if I don’t answer straight away! Uh and I will also blog the dumbest/funniest questions like I already did in german a while ago! 🙂

Please only ask questions or tell me stuff in German or English!

You can ask and tell me whatever you want and also can suggest blog topics and stuff like this :3

And to all the Haters: I don’t care what you tell me. Whatever you say to me says more about you then about me! Fuck you bitches :*



What is?

The 5th March everyone will draw or have a “t” on a place where everyone can see it (hands, face, t-shirts or everything you prefer) and if you see someone with this “t” anywhere you go up to them & hug them, exchange urls, and become lifelong friends. (Maybe take selfies together)

Who can do it?

THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! porn, quality, vertical, personal, indie, kawaii, pale, grunge, fandoms, absolutely everyone!

It doesn’t matter in which fandom you are, the language you speak, your age, your skin, your sexual gender, because Tumblr is for a lot of people a place where to find friends and enjoy your passions. So raise your wands or do the three finger salue to your brother or sister or simply hug them.

Share it!

In order for this to happen we have to to share this, there are more than 170 MILLION blogs on tumblr, now is the time for a Tumblr day! Enjoy this day because it’s for you.

Let’s do this!

I just have to create a shirt for it haha I am in love with Tumblr and this sounds amazing! I love hugging haha and everyone on Tumblr is awesome!

What about you guys?

Tumblr Blog > Diina Photography

A few weeks months ago I created a tumblr blog only for my Photography (#Diina Photography). Not organized or so just as a little gallery.. Not updated lately sorry :/ but I wanted it to share with you anyway.. Also because some people told me about it, thinking the blog uses my photos without my premisson haha 😀

DiinaPhotography Tumblr:

I would be glad, if you check it out and maybe follow it! Thanks 🙂

Photographer: Diina Daring |

Photographer: Diina Daring |



Future & life

[ ] Get (good)degree

[ ] Become 18

[ ] get driving license

[ ] Own flat *-*

[ ] Europa Park

[ ] Phantasialand

[ ] Parachuting

[ ] freeclimbing

[ ] Visiting a drive-in theater

[ ] Three days remain awake: D

[ ] Sleep under the stars *-*

[ ] Get Tattoos

[✔] Get Piercings

[ ] Swim with dolphins

[ ] Between snorkeling coral reefs

[ ] Ride on an elephant

[ ] Swim under a waterfall

[ ] Climb a mountain

[ ] Have a spider on the hand

[ ] A touch Iceberg

[ ] First Flight

[ ] Ride a hot air balloon

[ ] The Hitchhiker’s Guide to travel around Europe

[ ] At night walk at a stand

[ ] Make a Cruise

[ ] visit Berlin

[ ] visit New York

[ ] visit California

[ ] visit Canada

[ ] visit France (Paris)

[ ] visit London

[ ] visit Venice

[ ] visitLas Vegas

[ ] visit Africa

[ ] Hiking through the Grand Canyon

[ ] Visit The Great Wall

[ ] Visit Asia

[ ] Visit Australia

[ ] Visit Japan

[ ] Gamble for 8 hours

[ ] Emigration ♥

[ ] Learn a martial art

[ ] Learn Spanish

[ ] Learn Italian

[ ] Kiss in the Rain

[ ] Buying a house

[ ] Wedding

Blog & co

[✔] 100 blog posts

[ ] 500 blog posts

[ ] 1000 blog posts

[ ] 1500 blog posts

[✔]. De domain

[ ] Earn money with blogging

[ ] 10,000 tweets

[ ] 100,000 Tweets

[✔] Share Acc. o Create:

[ ] Record videos: D

Photography & Equipment

[✔] Canon EOS 550D

[✔] Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS II

[✔] Tamron AF 70-300mm 4-5

[✔] Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II

[✔] fisheye lens

[✔] Automatic Extension Tubes 3 parts

[✔] Cullmann Alpha 2500 Tripod

[✔] Infrared Remote Control Mini

[✔] Multiple SD cards

[✔] Three batteries

[✔] Yongnuo Speedlite

[✔] Bouncer

[✔] filter for all three lenses

[✔] sunvisors for all three lenses

[✔] Automatic Extension Tubes 3 parts

[ ] Own Photo Studio

[ ] 5in1 Circular Reflector 110cm Multi-reflector

[ ] Phottix Battery Grip + 2 Batteries

[ ] Professional hand strap

[ ] Aquapac Waterproof SLR Camera Case

[ ] Walimex Pro 1:8-16 650-1300 mm telephoto lens

[ ] Canon EF 85mm / 1,8 / USM Lens