Pro & Cons Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give you the instant length you’re looking for––without the commitment. If you’re bored of shorter hairstyles, and don’t want to wait for your hair to grow out, you don’t have to!

Here are the pros…

1. Extensions aren’t only great for adding length, but they can add volume to otherwise thin or fine hair.

2. Whether it’s glued, woven, clipped, or braided, extensions provide an array of options to fit any lifestyle and budget!

3. Change your look. You can color your extensions to match your current hair color, or you can have a little fun with it! Ombre or pastels, anyone?

4. Have a tender scalp? Well, expect no tears here. Installing hair extensions is a pain-free process!

5. Get the style you want without the wait. You can step out of the salon today with the long hair you’ve always wanted!

…And here are the cons

1. Depending on what you’re having done, it will take between four to six hours to install your hair extensions.

2. This stylish look comes at a cost depending on the type of hair extensions you purchase, and how they are attached. Real human hair is better than synthetic.

3. Make sure you pay attention to the weight of your hair extensions. Pieces that are too heavy could lead to significant damage, and unsightly breakage.

4. Hair extensions require maintenance and care. You will need to revisit the salon every six to eight weeks and take care of the hair. And if you wearing clips you will have to learn how to put them in every morning,

5. Your stylist should be the only one fitting and removing your hair extensions. It’s best to avoid managing these tresses on your own.

Top Products for Hair Extensions

When you get your hair extensions, you’ll be loving your new luscious locks, and you’ll need the right product to keep them clean and chic. Get your hair extensions in tip-top shape with these products:

1. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – It’s unique shape, color patterns, and effortless detangling abilities makes this a great comb for your extensions.

2. Hair Extension Leave-In Conditioner – For your own hair and your extensions.

3. Natural Hair Shampoo – A not harming shampoo without silicone and if possible without alcohol


ABOUT ME: Favorites, This or That and My LAST KISS & Relationship! #AskDiina

What is your:

3. nationality? german
4. height? 165 (5’5)
5. hair color? Brown
6. eye color? left green | right: brown
7. your hometown? Bochum, Germany

Have you ever:
8. Been drunk? I don’t get really drunk even when I drink 3 liters of vodka or jacky
9. been in love? Yeah and it hurt.
10. done drugs? Yeah.
11. had a relationship? Yeah. Not so great.
12. Gotten a tattoo? NOO but I will get one soon

What is your Favorite:
13. Book? The Faults In Our Stars – John Green
14. Movie? Jurassic Park –
15. Colour? Purple, Red, Pink, Black, Gray
16. Song? See you again, Immortals,..
17. Band? BMTH

This or that:
18. Cookies or cake? Depends what kind of but I would say COOOOOOKIES
19. Pepsi or coke? COOKE ZERO
20. Tea or coffee? TEA
21. Pop or Rock music? ROCK

Have you ever been in:
22. NYC? YEAH and I am with love with this city
23. Paris? Yes but tbh I don’t like french..
24. London? Sure. England is baeeee
25. Milan? Yeah.

When was your last:
26. Kiss? What counts? With tongue? Cheek?… A few days ago 🙂
27. Hug? Today with my guuuuurl
28. Vacation? I never really had one just business..
29. Relationship? My ex is an asshole and I never met anyone as bad and dumb as him.. I won’t say it was a relationship. If you read this: Fuck yourself Fuckboy. You’ll never be able to have a real relationship.
30. Concert? AC/DC.. Ultra festival!