Pro & Cons Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give you the instant length you’re looking for––without the commitment. If you’re bored of shorter hairstyles, and don’t want to wait for your hair to grow out, you don’t have to!

Here are the pros…

1. Extensions aren’t only great for adding length, but they can add volume to otherwise thin or fine hair.

2. Whether it’s glued, woven, clipped, or braided, extensions provide an array of options to fit any lifestyle and budget!

3. Change your look. You can color your extensions to match your current hair color, or you can have a little fun with it! Ombre or pastels, anyone?

4. Have a tender scalp? Well, expect no tears here. Installing hair extensions is a pain-free process!

5. Get the style you want without the wait. You can step out of the salon today with the long hair you’ve always wanted!

…And here are the cons

1. Depending on what you’re having done, it will take between four to six hours to install your hair extensions.

2. This stylish look comes at a cost depending on the type of hair extensions you purchase, and how they are attached. Real human hair is better than synthetic.

3. Make sure you pay attention to the weight of your hair extensions. Pieces that are too heavy could lead to significant damage, and unsightly breakage.

4. Hair extensions require maintenance and care. You will need to revisit the salon every six to eight weeks and take care of the hair. And if you wearing clips you will have to learn how to put them in every morning,

5. Your stylist should be the only one fitting and removing your hair extensions. It’s best to avoid managing these tresses on your own.

Top Products for Hair Extensions

When you get your hair extensions, you’ll be loving your new luscious locks, and you’ll need the right product to keep them clean and chic. Get your hair extensions in tip-top shape with these products:

1. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – It’s unique shape, color patterns, and effortless detangling abilities makes this a great comb for your extensions.

2. Hair Extension Leave-In Conditioner – For your own hair and your extensions.

3. Natural Hair Shampoo – A not harming shampoo without silicone and if possible without alcohol


Hair Routine 2016

So yeah you all know I had my hair neon blue purple and really long (about my hips) for a long time and in November I bleached it and it colored it purple with a schwarzkopf color and it turned out brown red (never again ugh).. And then bleached it again with professional stuff from a store (Hair vision Beauty Shop, Bochum) and the shop owner told me I should use this stuff and let it in 30-40 minutes and after it my hair was still dark and a lot of my hair felt out and broke so I had to cut off a lot. It’s a long bob now and really thin. Ugh I cried so much and I wear clip in extensions most of the time now.

So here are a few resolutions and goals for the next few months and years and some facts about my hair routine:

    • I will grow them back. (At least about my waist!)

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  • I will take a lot of care of them. (Put a lot of oil in them…)
  • But I will tease them and use lots of dry shampoo and hair spray. (I know I shouldn’t but ugh I need to)


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  • Only straighten them when I have to and never hotter than 140 grad Celsius and only with heat protector.


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  • I will wear lots and all kinds of clip in extensions. I like to play around with length and colors- I will also rate the shops I buy them from.


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  • I will try not to wash them. It’s called no water sebum only and it’s great for the hair and if you think it’s weird shut up.


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  • I think I will wash them 1-2 times every two weeks and maybe only with water.
  • I will dye them every 3-6 weeks with henna or casting creme gloss (but they only have it in dark brown anymore :/). Only black and never bleach them again.


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  • I will cut the hair every 4-8 weeks.. Bangs ever 2-4 weeks. (Yeah I cut them myself now, I don’t trust anyone anymore.)


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I will keep you up to date about my hair length, hair products, extensions, no water sebum only and everything else! I guess this will be the year were I mainly blog about Hair and Beauty haha

If you have any questions, comments, wishes or suggestions (topics, products..) feel free to comment them below! :3

Hair after I cut it… Its black now :3

MUST HAVE: Vaseline

If you don’t use Vaseline already, I strongly recommend you start for many reasons:

1) When rubbing in on your eye lid/ under eyes it prevents wrickles.
And if you rub some on your eyelashes it moisturizes them wonderfully.

2) It can keep eyebrow hair in place (if you don’t like the way your eyebrow hair stands out)

3) I always rub it on my nail cuticles, It makes a difference on my nails at least. But everyone is different.

4) Rubbing it on hands/feet feels amazing (especially feet)

5) it can moisturize hair, (rub it on the split ends) (but it can get kind of greasy just sayin’)

6) It can be used as lip balm (though it tastes disgusting)

7) It can somewhat help heal cuts

I can’t live without Vaseline it’s one of my most loved bathroom products.


Crazy Factory Haul (May 2013) ♥

I spend all my money on Crazy Factory. 😮 😀
I’m sorry, my nails look terrible and I used a flash. 😀

Ich gebe mein ganzes Geld bei Crazy Factory aus. 😮 😀
Entschuldigt, meine Nägel und dass ich die Sachen totgeblitzt habe. 😀

This time creatively packed. I needed 15 minutes to open it. Haha 😀

Dieses mal kreativ verpackt. Ich habe 15 Minuten gebraucht um es zu öffnen. Haha 😀

That are my favorite earrings. They fit to my nature hair color. ♥

Das sind meine Lieblingsohrringe. Sie passen zu meiner Naturhaarfarbe. ♥

I don’t know why, but i really like wooden jewelry. ♥

Ich weiß nicht wieso, aber ich mag Holzschmuck total. ♥

Actually this is a necklace. But it looks nice as a bracelet, too. 🙂

Eigentlich ist es eine Kette. Aber es sieht auch gut aus, wenn man es als Armband benutzt. 🙂

My hair is purple/pink tinted. 😀

Meine Haare sind lila/pink getönt. 😀

I really like this shade of blue. *-*

Ich mag den Blauton total. *-*

Memes!!! ♥_♥

Last time I ordered a fake spiral it was broken. :/

Letztes mal als ich eine fake Dehnschnecke bestellt hatte, war sie kaputt. :/

I love that ring! *-* 🙂

Ich liebe den Ring! *-* 🙂

Cold wax strips / Kaltwachsstreifen

Monday I bought cold wax strips from the company Isana, I tested them immediately afterwards. I want to share my experience with them now.

To the strips from Isana: It was the first time I’ve used wax strips, so I do not know what is normal. The strips were very difficult to heat and drawn out the hair just a bit, rather than pull them out completely. I do not have a lot of hair on the legs and still need to wax any point at least eight times, and then there were still a few/nearly no hair. I would not recommend the wax strips and won’t buy it again. In a few weeks I’ll test hot wax. (:

Pain: From the pain I was positively surprised. I’m actually relatively sensitive to pain. At some places (for example on the sides of the knees) it burned a bit and there you could see a slight skin irritation. On rest of the legs did it not really hurt. But everybody has a different perception of pain.

Application: The application is fairly simple. You rub the wax strip between your hands back and forth until they are warm. Somehow the strips were not really warm, but that is probably because of the company. Then stripped apart the strips and place them in the direction of hair growth on the skin. Pull the strip off abruptly against the hair growth direction. Done.

Conclusion: The cold wax strips from Isana haven’t much effect on me. In the coming weeks I will test hot wax and cold wax strips from other companies. ♥

Do you use hot wax or cold wax? If so, how do you find it and what products from which brand do you use?


Ich hatte mir Montag Kaltwachsstreifen von der Firma Isana gekauft, ich habe sie danach sofort getestet, meine Erfahrungen damit will ich jetzt mit euch teilen.

Zu den Streifen von Isana: Es war das erste Mal, dass ich Wachsstreifen verwendet habe, deswegen weiß ich nicht was normal ist. Die Streifen waren sehr schwer zu erwärmen und haben die meisten Haare nur ein bisschen heraus gezogen, anstatt sie ganz raus zuziehen. Ich habe nicht viele Haare an den Beinen und brauche trotzdem an jeder Stelle mindesten acht mal wachsen müssen und danach waren dort immer noch wenige/fast gar keine Haare. Ich würde die Wachsstreifen nicht weiterempfehlen und nicht noch einmal kaufen. In ein paar Wochen teste ich mal Heißwachs. (:

Schmerzen: Von den Schmerzen war ich positiv überrascht. Ich bin eigentlich relativ schmerzempfindlich. An manchen Stellen (z.B an den Seiten von den Knien) brannte es ein bisschen und dort sah man auch eine leichte Hautreizung. Am restlichen Bein tat es nicht wirklich weh. Aber jeder hat ja ein anderes Schmerzempfinden.

Anwendung: Die Anwendung ist ziemlich einfach. Man reibt die Wachsstreifen zwischen den Händen hin und her, bis sie warm sind. Richtig warm wurden die Streifen irgendwie nicht, aber das liegt vielleicht an der Marke. Anschließend zieht man die Streifen auseinander und legt sie in Haarwachsrichtung auf die Haut. Gegen die Haarwuchsrichtung zieht man den Streifen ruckartig ab. Fertig.

Fazit: Die Kaltwachsstreifen von Isana bringen bei mir nicht viel. Ich werde in den kommenden Wochen Heißwachs und Kaltwachsstreifen von anderen Firmen testen.  ♥

Benutzt ihr Heißwachs oder Kaltwachs? Wenn ja, wie findet ihr es und welche Produkte von welcher Marke verwendet ihr?