Horoscope for 2015

To be honest I don’t really believe in horoscopes but I think they are really inspiring 🙂 What do you think?

I’m a leo and yes, I could be more outgoing. ^.^

So here is the horoscope for 2015:

  • aries: relaxed; you don’t need to be so stressed all the time
  • taurus: attentive; listen to others’ problems, and if they’re not telling you anything, ask first
  • gemini: loud; grab the attention in the room with your fun spirit
  • cancer:awake; be more perceptive; don’t let moments pass you by
  • leo:outgoing; say “yes” to things more often and see where that gets you
  • virgo:straightforward; no more beating around the bush; tell people how you feel; be open
  • libra:adventurous; seek the thrills
  • scorpio:empathetic; always consider others’ perspectives in the situations you are placed in
  • sagittarius:organized; not just physically, but mentally
  • capricorn:calm; find peace with yourself, with others; don’t be so harsh
  • aquarius:confident; don’t bite your tongue; don’t second-guess or hold yourself back; you are witty and interesting…show people that
  • pisces:determined; 2015 deserves your unwavering persistence

Which Are You? | via Tumblr

A sect devoted to such a system

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