REVIEW: Romantic Bear Wow Long Lasting Lip Color Tattoo

Heeey guys :3 I try to write more reviews, feel free to suggest me stuff I should review! 🙂

Sooo today I am reviewing Romantic Bear “Wow Long Lasting Lip Color” which is the cheaper version of Berrisom “Oops My Lip Tint”.

It is a kind of liquid lipstick that leaves a bit of “natural” color after you peel it off and that should last all day even if you are kissing, eating..

My natural lip color is kinda beige with a bit of rose because of my really light skin color and I am addicted to lip balm and lipstick so I really wanted to test this. I guess you all have already seen them on instagram.

It feels like a skin mask. smells like fruit and may hurt a bit while it’s drying if you have sensitive lips. But when you peel it off after 7-10 minutes (I always leave it on around 15 minutes) it takes off dried skin with it, which is kinda great. But leaving it on around 10 minutes without speaking, drinking, moving your lips.. can be annoying and it’s really hard to put it on the first few times.. I am always putting it on with a brush after plumping but before I put on any other make-up..

And the result is a more like a natural light ombre color which is great, if you don’t want to look like you are wearing lipstick or for a day on the beach. I am in love with dark and neon lipsticks so it isn’t really my color but I am wearing Romantic Bear Cherry Red or Rose Pink everyday under my lipstick in case it rubs off. 🙂

So if you have patience and like natural lip colors it might be great for you, there are 6 colors and they are kinda cheap. 🙂

Have you tried them? If so, would you recommend them & what’s your fav color? :3

I didn’t got this product sponsored and it’s just my honest opinion.

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Make-Up Tips for Photoshoot

Paid photo shoots will most likely offer you a make-up artist, but that’s a luxury you may not always have.  Find out before the shoot if you will have a make-up artist supplied, if not, here are some great tips for your next shoot:

  1. Even though you will most likely shoot in sunlight or under heavy strobes, you need to put on heavier make-up than daytime use.  Extra contrast and heavy powder.  Heavy powder is very essential and will reduce post work on your images.  Applying heavy make-up make feel awkward but it looks good on camera.
  2. Moisturize your face thoroughly and then follow with concealer.  The concealer should be about 3 shades lighter than your skin tone.  Cover blemishes and discoloration with a concealer.  Lighten the area around your eyes and fix any blemishes around your lips.
  3. Foundation can be tricky.  Match the foundation to your neckline and chin, that is, your face should have the same tone as you neck.  Yes, put make-up on your neck (some make-up artists will go down to the shoulders).
  4. Powder it up!  Powder is the key to better photos.  It truly makes the biggest difference between good and great photos.
  5. Your lips should be a solid color and a shade or two deeper than you usual wear.  Don’t wear any dark lip liner, make the liner the same color as the lips.
  6. Blush is another tricky effect.  Too much and you look like a clown, too little and you look sick.  Practice with blush until you get a tone.
  7. Apply eyeliner from the outside of the lower part of the eye and extend almost to the inner part.  Eye shadow is your call.  The lighter the shade the livelier you look.  Darker eye shadow makes the images mysterious.  Ask the photographer what kind of feel or theme the shoot is going for.  Apply eye shadow to the upper lid and above the eye below the brow.  Remember, most photographers focus their lens on the eyes, so spend some time on those peepers!

Bring your own make-up!  I used to have a kit with me until a photographer told me about a horror story when all his models used the same kit and woke up the next day with pink eye!  So, when my make-up artist can’t show, I rely on the model to bring their own kit.  Yes, this also applies to men, obviously you won’t use as much make-up but powder is very important to make a guys skin look great on camera.

Highlight & Contour cheat sheet

Make up & skin care / How to sculpt your face with makeup. (Thanks @Too Faced Cosmetics!)Lips


What to bringt to a Portfolio Photoshoot

(This applies only to portfolio shoot, a commercial shoot you might require more depending on the client and project)
The first thing in making a photo shoot work just right is preparing 3-4 days before the shoot.


  1. Plan for 3-5 outfits if you are shooting for a basic modeling portfolio * Make sure you don’t do any wild designs; solid colors usually work the best. If you do decide to do certain design(s) make sure you talk it over with the photographer first.
  2. Every outfit should have accessories Some of these accessories include:
    A. Necklaces
    B. Earrings
    C. Scarf’s
    D. Flat & high shoes
    E. Belts
    F. Colored bras
    G. Different colored undies
    (the absence of accessories can make a photo look too bland)
  3. Plan a certain location; whether its in a studio or at an outdoor location
    (most of the time the photographer will plan this)
    make sure your outfits fit with the location or backgrounds
  4. Make sure you talk to the photographer a day before the shoot and confirm everything that you already talked about, this helps avoid misunderstandings and lack of communication.
  5. One of the most important things the night before is to get sleep; don’t go out drinking and partying it will make your eyes puffy and your mood cranky.

This is normally a day before the shoot



A. Eye cream, eye gel for puffiness and body lotion
B. Eye Make-Up Remover
C. Eye Drops
D. Blush
E. Foundation
F. Mascara
G. Eye Shadows
H. Lip
I. Face Powder
J. Moisturizer
K. Cleanser
L. Tweezers
M. Mirror


A. Brush
B. Hairspray
C. Hair Ties (thin)
D. Headband
E. Bobby pins
F. Hair Appliances (Curling Irons, straightners, etc)


  1. Make sure you arrive about 15-20 min early so you can be fully prepared by the time the photo shoot starts.
  2. Bring your portfolio with you along with a couple photo clip outs of pictures you want in your portfolio
  3. You are now ready for your photo shoot